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In December, we advised you to wait with updating your production sites to WordPress 5 (a.k.a. The Gutenberg version). We are happy to announce that this update should now be safe.

New WPML 4.1.4 works fine with WordPress 5

WordPress is currently at 5.0.3 version and we just released WPML 4.1.4 version. Together, they work perfectly fine and are good to use on production sites.

All the issues that were reported by our clients and our own team are solved.

Feel free to update your sites

After running our production sites on WordPress 5.0 for some time now, we think it should be safe to update your sites now.

Of course, before clicking the Update button, make sure you backup your site’s files and database. Also, make sure to use the latest WPML version (4.1.4).

Any issues or comments?

Our support is there to help you if you encounter any issues related to WPML.

Did you already update your sites? How did it go? Drop us a comment below.

19 Responses to “WPML works fine with WordPress 5”

    • Hello, Nelson! I am sorry, was this post’s message unclear?

      Again, in December, we suggested to clients to wait before updating their sites to WordPress 5, not because of WPML, but because of WordPress 5 release in general. It had many issues and was rushed.

      Now, after it was further improved, WordPress 5 looks to be OK to update your production sites to it. Also, this latest version of WPML which we just announced is completely compatible with WordPress 5 version.

      Does this help? Is there anything else I could help with?

      Kind regards,

  1. They work together, but it is not always clear with themes that have shortcodes if taxonomy needs to be translated or not. Besides taxonomy there is also there are other things that might need translation or not depending on how the plugin works. Probably the fact that every theme that comes with plugins does its own thing with the data and variables they need for showing search results etc. To me, it should be one or two methods that are enforced for all WP themes and plugins. Themes and plugins not adhering to these methods should be rejected by wordpress.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment. Yes, your observations are correct and this is not something that can currently (or easily) be controlled. Each theme or plugin can do things in their own way. This is why you can notice that different themes and plugins compatible with WPML can have quite different translation workflows even though they are sometimes providing the exact same features.

      In the end, we always try hard to make the workflows as simple as possible and usable for the end users.

  2. WPML funziona bene con WordPress 5 e non ho avuto prblemi con il tema AVADA e UNICON che utilizza WP BAKERY Visual composer. Non l’ho ancora testato con DIVI ma lo farò a breve. Per adesso è tutto OK. Grazie.

    • Thanks a lot for your feedback! It is good to hear there is no problem, especially since you use a lot of different page builders. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    We tried to set up again WPML plug in and it doesn’t work at all.
    As soon as we activate this plug in, the website become all white! And we can’t access to WordPress any more… We have to desactivate this plug in to make the website reappears!
    Please advise us on what we can do?
    Many thanks,

  4. Hi,
    After your email, we tried to re install WPLM plug in but it still doesn’t work
    As soon as we activate the plug in, our website turn into a white screen and we can’t access to WordPress any more. We have to desactivate the plug in and then our website reappears….
    Could you please advise?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi, it is hard guessing what is causing the issue you are describing. Often, this issue happens if there is not enough allocated memory in your website install/server. But there is no way for me to know for sure.

      This is why I would kindly ask you to open a ticket in our support forum here:

      Our supporters will help you quickly. They can check your site and quickly see what is causing this issue and provide a solution.


  5. It’s far away from fine working. It’s impossible to translate SVG images with Media Translation. On SVG image replacement uploading, WPML Media reports following error: “Failed to load the image editor”. Bug is related with “wp_get_image_editor” function. Seems it doesn’t support SVG image editing, but WPML Media anyway trying to use it. Please fix it.

    • Hi! Thank you very much for raising this issue. I am raising this to our development team and will update you when I have more information.

    • Hi, again! I just talked to our developers. The issue is caused by the fact that WordPress core Image Editor does not support SVG images – not WPML Media. However, our developers will look into this and see how to resolve this issue. If a satisfactory solution is possible, we will do our best to add this with the next big release (4.3).

      Thank you!

  6. Hey, there is some problem after update, all flags are invisible, and/or will become invisible after selecting any language. I think it can’t load it because it’s svg? Can you please make the flags jpeg in the next version?

    VM613:8151 TypeError: parent.getBoundingClientRect is not a function
    at Object.c (VM613:8151)
    at Object.r (VM613:8151)
    at HTMLImageElement.onload (VM616:8200)
    VM613:8151 ==> ​
    VM613:8151 TypeError: parent.getBoundingClientRect is not a function
    at Object.c (VM613:8151)
    at Object.r (VM613:8151)
    at HTMLImageElement.onload (VM618:8200)

    Can you please advice a fix? or something I can do about it for now?

    • Hi, Mike!

      I’m sorry to hear about this problem. I will raise this with our team as soon as possible. I will update you here when I learn more. Otherwise, you can also always open a ticket in our support forum. Our supporters can take a look at your site and see where the problem could be.

      Kind regards.

    • Hi Mike,

      That error is not something we have reported at the moment, the flags are png files and should be loaded even with those errors.

      The next step for us so we can help you is to please open a support ticket in our forum – – this will allow us to take a better look at your site, debug and fix if needed.