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Need to “translate” links, so that your translations link out to pages in the right language? An upgrade to WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor lets you do just that.

When you’re editing with the Advanced Translation Editor, look for a “Search” input at the top-left. This search box allows you to find any text on the page, visible or not. It’s especially useful for translating links. If you search by “http” you’ll quickly find all outgoing links on the page.

Use the translation box to “translate” these links and save.

That’s it. Simple 🙂

No need to install any update

WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor runs on our servers, so there’s nothing for you to update.

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11 Responses to “Translating links and other non-displayed texts with WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor”

  1. Hi,

    This is not only a nice but also a necessary new feature.
    I had already written a jQuery script to deal with these matters.

    But this new feature is not complete yet.
    “href” is only one possible attribute of an url ; “download” for instance is another one, and when searching for it in the Advanced Translation Editor this download attribute is not recognised. That is a pity because I don’t see the reason why not.

    So, for the time being, I will go on using my jQuery script because I have quite a few download-urls of which both the “href” and the “download” attribute need to be translated.

    Could you refer this to the WPML engineers and see if they can complete this feature?

    Marc Herman

  2. That’s a nice new feature.

    Curious though, why do you want us to search for these strings? Why are these ‘non textual’ strings not simply added to the list of all strings that need to be translated? It could be at the end in a special section.


    • Good question. Almost every post that you translate will have many undisplayed texts. If we show all of them in the editor, it’s a big mess. So we hide them all and make available via search. Our thought was that if you are missing some text, you know what it is, so it’s easy to search for it.

      • Mmm, I only thought about hyperlinks and shortcodes that should always be shown. No idea what else is there that’s not displayed at the moment.

        Would it be an option to add a ‘Show more’ toggle to display the hidden strings? It’s always easier to get a quick visual then having to think about what’s missing. Or finding the missing things on review and then having to edit the translation again.

        • Yes, we’re thinking about these options too. Let’s see how this search works for others and what people are doing with it. It’s always easy to add stuff to the GUI. Removing unused elements is a challenge.

  3. Hola!
    Desde que corregí el HTTP por HTTPS y actualicé el pluguin WPML dejó de funcionar el selector de idiomas.
    Seguí los pasos indicados por ustedes: el módulo mod-rewrite habilitado y otorgar nuevos permisos de lectura y escritura al directorio donde está instalado WordPress. Pero sigue sin funcionar.

    Me quedo a la espera de respuesta.
    Desde ya muchas gracias.
    Saludos cordiales, Paula

    • Hola, para poder ayudarle lo mejor seria que abres un hilo en nuestro for de soporte. Gracias!

  4. Hello Amir.
    Can anyone help me how to use the Automatic Translation please?
    I’m completely lost :-/

    I still have this message on my Dashboard and I never figure out to fix it…

    “You are running updated sitepress-multilingual-cms and wpml-media-translation, but the following components are not updated:

    Your site will not work as it should in this configuration Please update all components which you are using. For WPML components you can receive updates from your account or automatically, after you register WPML.”