We’ve received word that Jigoshop, with the filters for WPML compatibility is ready – which means that you’ll soon be able to run multilingual e-commerce sites with Jigoshop and WPML.

Right now, we’re starting the final testing with the Jigo team. If you’re interested, please leave messages here and we’ll send you private test versions early next week.

Have a great Easter, Pesah or whatever other excuse for eating and meeting with family 🙂

20 Responses to “Jigoshop Compatibility Coming!”

  1. I know it’s the competition, but you could at least get the name right. 🙂

    I’m looking for a wp ec product for a en, fr, es store. Starting development next week. Greta timing – I’d love a beta.

    • Can you tell me where we got the product name wrong? Of course, I can fix it. Are you looking to use Jigshop or ‘WordPress e-commerce’ plugins?

      • I see the name has changed 😉
        I’m developing a multi-store and have a test site with wp e-commerce which I’m underwhelmed with and have abandoned. I now plan to roll with jigoshop and see if it fulfills my needs.

  2. I’m interested too !

    I’m working on a project wich use Jigoshop

    Thank’s to send me the test version.


  3. Hi,

    I’m currently having some issues with jigoshop + wpml, so I’m very interested into receiving a test version.


  4. Hey!

    Currently working on implementing a new site with jigoshop in EN and FR. Supposed to go live tomorrow. Most of it is already working in jigo with WPML.. what’s the difference on this piece? Love to have a beta.


    • We’ve created some code which makes languages persist through the purchase process, so that if visitors start with one language, that language remains when they return from the payment processor. This code is still awaiting review of the Jigo team. They assured us that they are working on it and will have it ready soon – so I posted here about that as well.

      • Hi Amir,

        Matt from Jigoshop here.

        Nope…We haven’t received the code yet. Did you talk to someone that told you we were working on it? Because as far as I know, we’re still waiting on Dominykas (from your team) to send us the code.

        I’ll send an email reminder to him.


  5. Hi!

    I am working on a new jigoshop website and I use WPML for FR-EN and soon IT-ES… I really need to make WPML work fine with Jigoshop! Could you help me please?

    Thanks a lot!

    • We’re almost done with a release of Jigoshop multilingual. In our testing it seems to be running fine. I’ll write again about it in our blog when there’s a new version.

    • Oh great! Thanks… could you just explain me how to make my french page “Boutique” become “Shop”… I created the english version but it does seems to work (no products in shop page) and if I change french to english it goes back to homepage (boutique don’t see the shop version)
      Thanks again!!

      • We’ll be releasing JigoShop Multilingual early next week. Can you move this discussion to our technical forum? It’s much easier to help with specific issues there. Thanks!