Actually, we’re pretty happy with how WPML 2.5.1 and WordPress 3.4 came out. For 99% of the sites, everything is working great. We did find some glitches that affect several sites and we decided to make this release of WPML 2.5.2.

What’s fixed in WPML 2.5.2

  • ‘Get Quote’ from ICanLocalize – well, that’s embarrassing. Out of all things, we had to break the quote mechanism for our own translation service. It’s fixed 🙂
  • Slug not auto-generated correctly – If you leave the slug (post name) empty, you’d get the post ID and not the name. Fixed.
  • RTL support not complete – we added a DIR attribute to HTML when displaying RTL (Right to Left) languages.

We’re going to update WPML’s official version to this in a couple of days. Please install this 2nd beta version and see that everything is running smooth for you now with WordPress 3.4.


To get this beta version, log in to your WPML account and go to Downloads. Scroll all the way to the bottom, to where it says ‘Beta’. Download and extract the ZIP. It includes all of WPML’s components.

WPML 2.6.0 Features Preview

Just in case you’re wondering, fixing bugs is fun, but it’s not the only thing on our mind. We’re working on WPML 2.6.0. Here’s our wish-list for WPML 2.6.0:

  • Auto-download translations for WordPress core, directly into WPML String Translation mechanism (no need for .mo files anymore).
  • Support languages in domains in multisite installs (very experimental feature)
  • Allow translating slugs of custom post types and taxonomy (also, super-experimental)

As always, when we’re starting new versions, we set ambitious goals. We really hope that we’ll manage with these features. I’ll let you know how it goes.

21 Responses to “WPML 2.5.2-b2 with Some WordPress 3.4 Fixes”

    • I think that this slipped out. We’re getting that in too and we’ll have another release for that today. Thanks for reminding.

    • Fixed that one too. Can you download the new -b3 version and see that it’s OK for you? With that last fix, we should be able to update the public WPML version on Monday (we don’t do updates before weekends).

  1. Great that you are so quick to fix these things for WP 3.4!

    What I don’t understand though is why it is released as beta?

    • We wanted to see if anyone is having any other unreported problem with WordPress 3.4, and get that in too, so we called this one beta, and did’t push it for everyone yet.

      • Ah ok, I understand now, that makes sense.

        I am very very excited about your plans for 2.6 and then in particular the auto-download of .mo files! That will make everyone’s life a lot easier!

  2. Hallo,
    i have updated to wordpress 3.4 and all category pages are showing no posts!
    Also there are some languages showing the home instead of category…
    WPML 2.5.2 B2 do NOT fix this…
    What can I do?


    • Yes. This is a known WordPress 3.4 bug. I think that it’s on the fix list for WordPress 3.4.1. It’s not related to WPML.

      Seems like this problem doesn’t happen to everyone. It depends on the Apache version and rewrite rules. To be on the safe side, we’re holding back with upgrade to WordPress 3.4 until this is resolved.

  3. Current version paying customer with the slug bug. How can I get the fix for this part of the codebase? We do not own ALL of the plugins and are therefore not entitled to download the beta. I’ve just discovered several hundred posts that I now need to edit as a result of the post id value being recorded for the slug.

    • We’re still handling final few little things and will have an updated version for everyone on Monday.

  4. Hi!

    Having some issues with the catalog-structure (site.com/en/page), so I’m wondering if 2.6 is going to deal with that or if I’m srewing something up.

    Also using WP Domain Mapping. Works fine if I use the language paramter (?lang=en)

    And the post-type feature would be great!


    • I’m not sure what you mean by catalog-structure and what’s wrong there. Can you open a thread about this in our support forum?

  5. I think I’m having the same problem as Oscar. It seems to be something strange going on with the permalinks/permalink structure.

    What happens is this:
    I have a site in norwegian (default language) and english, with marketpress and the wpml-marketpress addon. As long as I only go to the norwegian version of a product, everything works fine.

    But – as soon as I go to the english version of any product, the norwegian version stops working (gives a 404), and will not start working again until I re-save the permalink structure! However – the english version keeps working…!?

    I have tried it over and over, and this is really what triggers it, however crazy it sounds!??

    This is with
    wp 3.4 (havent dared updating to 3.4.1 yet…)
    wpml sitepress 2.5.2 b3 (same problem with 2.5.2)
    wpml marketpress 1.1.4 (same with 1.1.3, Dominykas sent me 1.1.4 so I could test it regarding some other problems)

    • WordPress 3.4.1 actually fixes some related URL parsing issues in WordPress 3.4, so you should really upgrade.

      The MarketPress Multilingual version that Dominykas had sent you needs to run together with the updated MarketPress version. Have you reported issues back to Dominykas?

  6. The WPML Language Selector on the wp-admin is really ugly.
    You should inject it into the wpadminbar instead!