We updated WPML to version 3.3.6 today. This release includes a number of improvements and fixes. Nothing major or dramatic and no new features. It’s good to run the most recent release for best stability and performance.

  • Fixed browser redirect, so redirect only happens if the current page language is not one of the preferred browser languages
  • Fixed different results produced in non default languages by queries with mixed post type and taxonomies in filter
  • Improved Translation Management notice handling in core
  • Fixed issue with post status when post date sync is enabled
  • Fixed issue in Yoast SEO sitemap which was not showing taxonomies in other languages than default
  • Added compatibility with Gravity Forms Quiz add-on
  • General performance improvements

Download and update

You should receive this update automatically to your WordPress admin, for all the sites where you registered WPML. You can also download manually from your WPML.org account, under Downloads.

What next?

This is a minor maintenance release, but WPML team is working on a much more significant update for you. WPML 3.4, which is getting ready for first beta, will include a completely new Translation Editor, Translation Jobs Queue and support for translating taxonomy terms meta. We hope to have a solid beta version of it early next week.

BTW, while we’re on the subject of translation taxonomy terms, you might be interested to learn that our Types plugin is getting support for taxonomy meta too. You can use Types beta and see how taxonomy meta works on your development sites.


We love getting your feedback. Leave us your comments with questions, ideas and suggestions. If you are asking about a technical issue, first, report it in our technical support forum. You’re also welcome to leave here a comment with a link to your thread, so I can follow up.

12 Responses to “WPML 3.3.6 – Maintenance Release”

  1. I would like to rinnove a maintenace but it seems impossible….
    I should buy a new license and install it ….
    Looking for other Translate plugin….

    • If your account has expired, you will not be able to update WPML. In this case, you can either buy a new account (makes little sense) or upgrade to a Lifetime account. When you upgrade to Lifetime you only need to pay the difference from what you paid already. To do this, log in to your account and click on the Upgrade button on the top of the right-hand column.

  2. We seem to have issues with WPML’s latest release under Windows environment. We tried under our usual Windows local system and under a vanilla WAMP setup.

    Under Linux, all is great but in Windows, the themes (the standard WordPress themes, 2016, 2015, etc) are not detected and when we try to scan the plugins, we get an invalid file error message.

    • Have you reported these issues in our technical support forum? I’d like to have a link to your forum thread, so I can follow up and check what the problem is.

    • We’re closing the last remaining functionality, but it’s still going to take about a month to have this version. The scope of WPML 3.4 grew and schedule is delayed, but there’s good progress towards it. We’re doing our best to cut down the remaining development schedule.

  3. Read in this thread that there seems to be some complications with string translations on windows machines. I get the same error and the localization can’t find my _e() or __().
    This is really, really inconvenient for me right now. When is the next release planned, or is there a patch maybe?

    • We’re preparing an update that includes this and a few other issues, related to changes in WordPress 4.5. A beta version will be available in about a week from now.

      • Ok, then i’ll know. Thanks. Since we would like to avoid changing platform to linux right now, what’s the latest version known when this worked? I tried to use WPML 3.3.5 but with the same result. Or is this broken functionallity in the String Translation plugin?

        • Hi David,

          This actually never quite worked, to be honest.

          The issue is coming by a limitation of the path (and filename) length in Windows.
          In Windows there is a limit of (usually) 260 characters length (see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365247(v=vs.85).aspx#maxpath).

          In other words, this caused by the fact that String Translation tries to scan all theme and plugins files, to find strings which need to be localized.

          This means that if the theme main directory is located as a path such as “c:/apache/web/html/mysite/wp-content/my-theme/” (which is already 46 characters long) and one of the files is in a deeply nested subfolder, eventually String Translation fails to scan the files.
          The bad thing is that we don’t even get an error when this happen: it just stop executing and you see no feedback.

          However, the upcoming version (of which we are planning to release a beta very soon) will contain a change in the code which must solve this problem.
          You won’t need to change OS, but I’m afraid you will need to wait a bit (the beta, or the release, after we finish running our QA) to get the updated version of our plugins.

          I hope this helps.