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Today’s Spanish & Latin marketplace has mind-blowing statistics, for example; did you know that 450 million people speak Spanish around the world? Mostly in neighboring Latin America. Or that the Hispanic community spends 20% more time online than that of the US market? How about 20% revenue increase for companies effectively targeting the online Hispanic community?

There are 450 million Spanish speaking individuals on the planet. It is the 2nd most natively spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese. Simply put, these are figures you can’t ignore as a business owner. What’s the first step? Designing a website that speaks Spanish. This is where we distance ourselves from the competition, but more importantly, where we help you distance yourself from your competition.

While other companies simply “auto-translate” your website using free translation tools (which are about 50% accurate at best) and cute flag-icons, our bilingual staff of native Spanish speaking origin PROFESSIONALLY translate your website copy, keeping in mind at all times a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish speaker’s nuances and online behavior.

It’s more than just a literal translation service. We go above and beyond by optimizing your website copy to best perform on Spanish search engines.

We also boost your website’s architectural profile by establishing a proper taxonomy that is in line with the Spanish-speaking community, as it relates to your brand.

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