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Juni 1, 2022 um 11:13 pm #11366329


I want to translate ACF Values like Values for Field-Types like checkboxs or radioboxes.

Translating strings in page builder elements works, it also works for the rest of the site translations and elements etc. but if we output dynamic data with oxygen builder those strings rarely show up on WPML -> String Translations

Example: "Complete & Service Assembly Air Springs" is a ACF field group but we can not see or find out how to translate it...the oxygen shortcode for the output looks like this:

[oxygen data='custom_acf_content' settings_path='product_portfolio_type' ]

thank you and best wishes

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Juni 3, 2022 um 4:14 am #11378587

Andreas W.

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First, please take note that the have the following open issue:

This means, if you use our ACF Multilingual Addon and you translate based on the field's translation preference setting with the WPML Translation Editor, then Field Groups should be set to "Not translatable". Also, make sure that there are not any duplicated Field Groups.

Then, when it comes to choices, we actually handle a data array that might not be easily translatable. As far I recall we only used to get labels or values on the Translation Editor interface, based on which are displayed in the theme.

Please try scanning the theme for new strings at WPML > Theme and Plugin Localization and then try to search the field strings on WPML > String Translation and translate them.

About the Oxygen Builder Shortcode:

This shortcode has a data attribute that might contain a serialized array of data, that probably could be able to be translated, but might have different formatting, like JSON for example.

You could try adding this markup at WPML > Settings > Custom XML Config:


Then update the page builder element that contains the shortcode, save the page and translate again. Take note that I did not test this yet.

Also, take note that while translating with the Advanced Translation Editor to check for non-visual elements using the text input on the top left.

hidden link

I hope this can lead to a solution. If not, please let me knnow.

Best regards

Juni 3, 2022 um 6:04 am #11379199


ah oh i see now this editor the Advanced Translation Editor, usually i dont like to use this in my project context...we just want to use "String Translation", and for the Titles we translate this also work out fine, as said for one template the translations work like here:

hidden link

and for the detail page of an air doesnt:

hidden link

so both templates are technically identical oxygen builder page templates with the post type "Page" i dont understand at all why one is working while the other not. maybee i must better contact oxygen support right?
best wishes

Juni 4, 2022 um 5:33 pm #11388361

Andreas W.

Languages: Englisch (English ) Spanisch (Español ) Deutsch (Deutsch )

Timezone: America/Lima (GMT-05:00)

Hello Timo,

String Translation should only be used in specific cases, like when it comes to translating Widgets, Footer Text, Custo Menus items, or Theme and Plugin Options (Admin Texts).

Pages and Page Builder Content will need to be translated with the WPML Translation Editor or on the WordPress Editor/Page Builder Editor in each language manually, but then the WPML Translation Editor should be deactivated.

Please read this:

Best regards

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