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AlfaBeta is an Italian language services consultancy specializing in international communication, mainly in the food, wine, tourism, fashion industries. It provides web translation & copywriting, multilingual SEO/SEM & social media marketing services.

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About Alfabeta

Are you looking to translate a website, but the technical aspects have put a spanner in your works? Do you need professional translators to partner with your web agency? Alfabeta’s technical skills allow for a simplified and streamlined workflow, while its team of native-speaker translators guarantees translations of professional quality.

Translating websites created in WordPress can be a challenge. That is why Alfabeta trusts WPML, the most sophisticated and reliable tool for translating web content and creating multilingual WordPress websites.

Alfabeta offers a wealth of additional services – including copywriting, multilingual SEO, social media marketing content – that complement its website content translation services, making sure your international marketing efforts are based on solid foundations and guaranteeing the best online visibility

Getting started with Alfabeta and WPML

To send content for translation to Alfabeta, install the following plugins on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS – the core plugin
  • WPML String Translation – this plugin will allow you to translate interface strings

You can download them from your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a new one by choosing WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plans.

Working with Alfabeta via WPML

Here are the basic steps of working with WPML and Alfabeta. For a full walkthrough, check out our page about using WPML with a translation service.

Connecting Your Website to Alfabeta

First, you need to connect WPML with Alfabeta. Part of this very simple process is to request your Alfabeta API token.

You can easily request your API Token by filling out the form at the bottom of Alfabeta’s WPML Page.

If you require Alfabeta’s help, its team can guide you through the process free of charge. Feel free to Schedule a call.

Sending content for translation

Once your site is connected to Alfabeta, you can start sending your content for translation.

You can also follow the instructions in Alfabeta’s Getting Started Guide (also in Italian). This guide will help you send content to AlfaBeta, request translation quotes,  translate specific content, translating user interface strings, etc.

NOTE: If the content of any type is listed on more than one page, Alfabeta recommends going to the Screen Options in the upper right corner of your WordPress dashboard and in Pagination set a number of items per page that allows you to view all items.

Receive a quotation from Alfabeta

When you have transmitted your content via the translation basket, AlfaBeta will receive an alert and will carry out a detailed analysis of your batch to produce a quote.

AlfaBeta will send you an e-mail containing a detailed quote for your batch, including terms and conditions and instructions on how to confirm the job.

Receiving completed translations

Once done, your site is ready to receive completed translations.

Albafeta recommends setting your pages‘ status to Draft in Translated document options in WPMLSettings. In this way, when they send you back the translated content, you will be able to check that everything is ok, before publishing.

You may check the status of translation jobs at any moment: simply click on the Check status and get translations button in the upper part of the page.

When you have received the final translations of pages, posts, portfolio elements, etc., Alfabeta will need to carry out the final adjustments. The menus will have to be synchronized and there might be the need of translating some other interface strings (e.g. some widget content). Alfabeta suggests working together on this last phase.

Canceling translation jobs

Should you wish to cancel, for any reason, the translation of content sent from WPML to AlfaBeta, please bear in mind that:

  • You cannot manually delete or cancel translation jobs from the Translation jobs panel.
  • The project can only be deleted by AlfaBeta. Please contact Alfabeta directly to carry out this operation.

Read more about canceling translation jobs sent to a professional service.

Translating the Rest of Your Site

Once you’re done translating the content of your page, there could be untranslated texts in menus, sidebars, and similar places. No problem, you can use Alfabeta to translate the rest of your site.

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5 stars Bewertung für die Übersetzung von

Professional and fast!

I have worked with the agency on several projects. All were completed on time and with excellent results.

Luca Petrocchi


4 stars Bewertung für die Übersetzung von

Professional and friendly approach

The company is prominent in their exceptional attitude to translation quality.

Agostino Santacroce


5 stars Bewertung für die Übersetzung von

Servizio Eccellente: professionalità e celerità!

Non potevamo sperare in qualcosa di meglio! Il servizio fornito da AlfaBeta è stato impeccabile: abbiamo intrapreso una collaborazione costante con il signor Andrea, che oltre ad averci fornito il materiale tradotto con in suo team in tempi record, ci ha seguito passo passo nella configurazione del plugin. Ci ha supportato in ogni fase della pubblicazione del nostro sito multilingua, dal primo all’ultimo giorno. Non posso che consigliare il servizio offerto dal team di AlfaBeta, sono persone splendide e molto professionali.

Mari Signorino