When you need to send content for translation, go to WPML->Translation Management. After you have completed the setup wizard, you will see the Translation Dashboard.

Sending pages for translation using Translation Management Dashboard
Sending pages for translation using Translation Management Dashboard

Translation Dashboard screen includes sections for content filter, content list, and translation controls.

  1. Use the filter to choose which content to show in the list
  2. Select content that needs to be translated from the list
  3. Choose which languages to translate to (or duplicate)
  4. Add to the translation basket

You can repeat this process several times before actually sending the content for translation. In this way, you can collect content from different parts of the site and send it for translation in one batch.

When you have finished adding content to the basket, click on the Translation Basket tab. This is similar to the checkout step on eCommerce sites.

Translation Basket
Translation Basket

Review the content you are sending for translation, choose who will translate (if a language has several translation options), give the batch a name, set a deadline, and then send for translation.

What’s next?

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