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March 2, 2021

Your plugin or theme has been confirmed as compatible with WPML – now what? Whenever you update your theme or plugin, it’s important to test any new or updated features to ensure ongoing compatibility.

Not compatible yet? Join WPML’s Go Global program to get started with making your theme or plugin multilingual friendly!

How to retest a theme or plugin you created

Retesting your WPML compatibility is easy, thanks to a straightforward compatibility retesting dashboard and access to a sandbox with the latest versions of all WPML plugins pre-installed.

Is it your first time retesting?

Email our Partners Manager, Olivia O’Prey, for your very own login and information about accessing the compatibility retesting dashboard.

Have you used our compatibility retesting dashboard before?

  1. Log into your WPML account.
  2. Scroll down to the Compatibility Partner section in the sidebar and click Dashboard.
  3. Click Update compatibility to open the retesting checklist. Some items may not apply to your specific circumstances, but it will walk you through every major scenario.

Reporting a problem

If you find a problem with your compatibility, you can report it directly from the dashboard. This notifies our compatibility team, and a member of the team will reach out to help.

Why is it necessary to retest your plugin or theme?

It keeps current clients happy

Keeping your theme or plugin compatible with WPML creates a better experience for our shared clients. There’s no need to wait for them to report issues, open support tickets, or voice dissatisfaction on social media.

Instead, add retesting with WPML to your pre-release workflow, and you can find and fix issues easily ahead of any new release. In case you haven’t had a new release in a while, WPML will send you a retesting reminder every 5 months.

It improves your visibility for gaining new clients

Staying compatible can also help you attract new clients. Having plugins and themes with up-to-date compatibility is a top priority for clients with multilingual sites. WPML’s compatibility listings receive over 10,000 views each month from clients looking for compatible themes and plugins.

All new WPML clients are directed to our compatibility pages, and the WPML support team looks to the compatibility entries when troubleshooting client issues. Consistently retesting your theme or plugin ensures you will continue to be listed as a compatible option for clients with multilingual sites.

Need help?

Our Partners Manager can help answer your questions and get your dashboard set up: