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It is not possible to keep translated field groups synced with default language field group. When default field group content is changed and updated, changes are not applied to other languages duplicated field groups.


It is simple to overcome this issue. After editing field group(s) on default language, to keep field group translations synced you will need to:

  1. Switch to the desired language, using language switcher on the top of the page.

switch to the desired language

  1. Delete already translated field group(s)

delete translated filed groups

  1. Go back to default language field group, and duplicate its content again.

duplicate content of the field group

This way, fields in translated field groups will be up to date with ones in default language field group.

Full Description

Whenever you change contents of field group (default language one) that is already duplicated into other languages, you might expect that field groups translations will be updated too, and that all of fields are same between translations.

For this to happen please follow instructions above.

6 Responses to “Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) field groups duplication issue”

  1. Doesn’t work if you have translated pages or posts. In short: You will have to go to all your translated pages / posts and click “UPDATE” for every single one of them.

    If you delete the ‘field groups’ like you suggest, all pages / post that where using that field group, will ‘forget’ there ‘field’ content. And the only way to get it back is to click ‘update’ again for every single one of them.