Reported for: WooCommerce Multilingual 3.4.3

Resolved in: WooCommerce Multilingual 3.4.4


When using a code snippet to display the cart total as suggested here, the total does not show up correctly when switching to a different language.
Steps to reproduce:

  • – Two languages and two currencies: English (currency: GBP) and German (currency: EUR)
  • – Use the first code (no AJAX) in into the header. Call it “Custom header cart”.
  • – Create a product both in English and in German: 10 GBP and 20 USD
  • – Add the product in English to the cart.
  • – “Custom header cart” displays correct the currency: 10 GBP
  • – Switch to German
  • – “Custom header cart” displays wrong: 10 USD
  • – Refresh the current German page, “Custom header cart” displays correctly now: 20 USD


A temporary solution user can add $woocommerce->cart->calculate_totals() after global $woocommerce and the actual snippet.

Will be fixed in the next version.