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In certain cases, the .htacess may get overwritten with the language folder. However, this issue is not caused by WPML.

The problem actually comes from certain third-party plugins calling flush_rewrite_rules(true) function too often. This causes WordPress to overwrite .htaccess. However, in some cases, this happens so often, sometimes even on every page request, that it’s called while browsing the front-end in another language.

When this happens, WPML goes ahead and adds the language folder to home_url as usual. This, however, results with an incorrect RewriteBase in .htaccess and ends up breaking the front-end.


The proper fix is for the third-party plugin to flush the rewrite rules only once. This would result in better performance of plugins in question because flushing rewrite rules is a server-expensive operation and extra care should be taken.

However, we can also avoid the language folder from being added within WPML. As a temporary workaround you can add the following lines to the functions.php of your theme:

Temporary workaround for avoiding the language folder from being added
add_filter('mod_rewrite_rules', 'fix_rewritebase');
function fix_rewritebase($rules){
    $home_root = parse_url(home_url());
    if ( isset( $home_root['path'] ) ) {
        $home_root = trailingslashit($home_root['path']);
    } else {
        $home_root = '/';

    $wpml_root = parse_url(get_option('home'));
    if ( isset( $wpml_root['path'] ) ) {
        $wpml_root = trailingslashit($wpml_root['path']);
    } else {
        $wpml_root = '/';

    $rules = str_replace("RewriteBase $home_root", "RewriteBase $wpml_root", $rules);
    $rules = str_replace("RewriteRule . $home_root", "RewriteRule . $wpml_root", $rules);

    return $rules;

14 Responses to “.htaccess is rewritten with language folder”

  1. hello
    this fix works with standard wordpress
    but when use other plugin as HideMyWP that create new rule in htaccess there are some fix to add

    Ex. plugin add:
    RewriteRule ^other/(.*) /it/wp-includes/$1?iLuK_hmwp=xxxxxxx [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^file/(.*) /it/wp-content/uploads/$1?iLuK_hmwp=xxxxxxx [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^ext/(.*) /it/wp-content/plugins/$1?iLuK_hmwp=xxxxxxx [QSA,L]
    ….. and many other ….

    how can extend fix_rewritebase to fix /it/ adding base into this RewriteRule too?

    • Hello Matteo,

      Looking at the forum thread you’ve linked, Itamar, the supporter who was taking care of the issue, is waiting for a feedback from you.

      Please continue in the forum, as there is where we can provide you better and faster support.


        • Hello Matteo,

          We have a possible fix in our queue.

          If everything looks good, it will be included in WPML 4.0.0.

          Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with an ETA yet.

          We have provided here a workaround which should solve the problem for the time being.

          If that’s not the case, please continue in the support forum, as we can’t provide proper support through post’ comments.

  2. It seems that is why I got “too many redirects”.

    Should I wait for WPML version4 and use the above php snippet for temporary?


    • Can you please post about it in our support? A supporter will need to see more details of your site to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

  3. I noticed this issue too for our site! It apparently isnt fixed? Im getting tons of internal redirect issues! What to do?

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