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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3.15

Resolved in: 4.3.16


In some cases, it is possible that a link is converted to an ugly link.
e.g. /?p=1

This could happen if you have set the option for Default language in directory in WPML > Languages or if you use “Display as translated” mode for the post type that the post belongs to.


As a workaround, you can use our hook filter: “wpml_sl_blacklist_requests”

add_filter( 'wpml_sl_blacklist_requests', 'wpml_sl_blacklist_requests', 10, 2 );

function wpml_sl_blacklist_requests( $blacklist, $sitepress ) {
    $blacklist[] = 'first-post';
    $blacklist[] = 'second-post';
	return $blacklist;

Where ‘first-post‘ and ‘second-post‘ are permalinks for the affected posts.

13 Responses to “In some cases, a link is converted to an ugly link”

    • Thanks, Thierry, and sorry about this, the issue is already being worked on and once we have a fix and it’s tested we’ll release it. The current schedule for this is for WPML 4.4, but I will make sure it’s added to beta before that.

  1. I feel that spreading cases in multiple forum posts does not help getting things done. We’re facing a problem that breaks sites. It should be dealt with fast

    • I agree – the fastest more efficient way is to move this from a comment to the support forum where we have the tools to help.

  2. I have the same problem but it seems that it affect only the link in the content (I have WP Bakery Page Builder). And some links goes to the wrong pages/languages. For example the shop page links in the content go to a product page.

    That code is not working. I have already a topic in the italian forum.

    • That issue is already fixed and tested, it’ll be added soon in a Beta version before it’ll be released in the next weeks – please try our beta version when it’s out and let us know if the issue was resolved.

  3. The fix for this issue was just released together with our new WPML Beta version. You are welcome to give it a try (remember it’s a beta version not aimed to be used on production sites)