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Radium One Click Demo Install is a library for importing demo content to WordPress sites.

It is included in a variety of themes and causes the following infinite loop when used together with WPML:

PHP Fatal error:  Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting!


The suggested workaround is available on the library’s GitHub page:

All you have to do is to edit the file inc/theme-options/importer/importer/radium-importer.php in your theme and wrap the add_filter() with an if statement:

        global $pagenow;
        if ( $pagenow === 'themes.php' ) {
            add_filter( 'add_post_metadata', array( $this, 'check_previous_meta' ), 10, 5 );

Please note that the actual location of the file may vary from theme to theme.

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