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Reported for: Gravity Forms Multilingual 1.7.1

Resolved in: Gravity Forms Multilingual 1.8.0

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

If you export a Gravity Form containing checkbox fields by going to Dashboard → Forms → Entries, the checkbox values are not exported for secondary languages.


Our developers are aware of this situation. In the meantime, translate only your checkbox labels as explained in the following screenshot:

7 Responses to “Gravity Forms - Missing checkbox values export in secondary languages”

  1. Dear Team,

    I don’t know if its the same error but I got Fields with Privacy Poliy,
    Main Form is in German, Translation is to Eng. and working.

    But if I send a Confirmation E-Mail with all Fields.

    the Headline of the Privacy Policy is translated but the Content doesnt get translated.

    Any ideas how to solve this?

    Kind regards

    • Hello Lucien,
      I’m afraid it is a different issue than the reported here and I can’t find similar reports in our archive.
      Could you please open a chat in our support? In that way, we will be able to investigate it.

  2. Hi there
    Can you please explain where the screenshot is taken from? I cannot see these options in either the Advanced translation manager or String translations. Thanks

    • Hello Katharine,
      Sorry for the confusion, this erratum is a bit old but this screenshot comes from our Classical Translation Editor. If you are translating your form using our Advanced Translation Editor and you are experiencing the same issue, just translate the fields with the form {checkbox}[Label] and keep untranslated those with {checkbox}[Value].

  3. Hi there, I think I am having this same issue while using the likert scale in gravity forms: when a user submits a translated form, the entries show up as blank and are blank when exported as well.

    My values in the translation tool look very different though, they seem to be random lines of code that do not get translated anyway. Please see this screenshot:

    How can I resolve this? What further information can I provide?

    • Hello there,
      From your screenshot and description, it doesn’t seem the same case here described. Could you please open a chat in our assistance channel. We have the require tools for investigating your case there.

  4. Hello everyone,
    Just to let you know that this issue should have been solved with Gravity Forms Multilingual 1.8.0.