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Overview of the issue

We currently have a compatibility issue between the WooCommerce Mix and Match Products plugin and the WooCommerce Multilingual multi-currency feature. If you select a different currency on a Mix and Match product using our currency switcher, the currency symbol changes but not the price.


This situation happens because the Mix and Match Products plugin stores the total price on a custom field. However, if you have installed several currencies but display only one per language, it’s possible to translate this custom field and display the right price following the steps below:

  1. Go to WPMLSettingsCustom XML Configuration.
  2. Add the following XML code:
  3. <wpml-config>
            <custom-field action="translate">_mnm_base_price</custom-field>
            <custom-field action="translate">_mnm_base_regular_price</custom-field>
            <custom-field action="translate">_mnm_base_sale_price</custom-field>
    • Edit the original product and save.
    • Translate the new fields with the same values of the secondary currency.

Please, keep in mind that this workaround is only useful if you are not using multiple currencies in the same language.

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