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Overview of the issue

In some rare cases after updating from an older version, translations are not visible after you translate a string. This happens if the update and migration steps get stuck.


Add the following code to your wp-config.php:


In the database, go to the options table (usually wp_options) and remove the key with the _transient_wpml_st_upgrade_in_progress name.

6 Responses to “String translations are not visible on the site after a string has been translated”

  1. Hey! I guess I am under a rare case situation! Please Help!

    Firstly, I’ve tried the workaround and… nope! Didn’t work!

    At – I use a theme developed by Edge-Themes, called Creedence – Music Band, Singer & Producer Theme and totally out of the blue I cannot see the strings (Domain creedence-music) translated into Portuguese FrontEnd although all are fine BackEnd as usual. Before it was all well… All strings were showing perfectly!

    I’ve contacted the theme developer which tested the theme and WP version to match mine and he stated that all is well on their side and asked me to contact you…

    I’ve transcribing bellow his message and the screenshots he sent.

    I would love to count on you guys to helping me solve the situation.

    I Thank you and advance and send my best wishes from Rio!


    – – – – – – –


    Thank you for writing in.

    Please note that you haven’t included any information about your issue in the beginning of this thread, and that i only stated rules established by themeforest policy when it comes to support.
    We have stated our themes compatibility with WPML plugin, and in your case, we will of course provide further help with your issue as explained in my previous answer.
    I have tested translation of labels which are currently untranslated in your website with WPML plugin in my local installation with the same theme and wordpress versions that you are currently using in your website and everything is working properly:
    Since i couldn’t recreate this issue on my local installation in the same environment as in your website, please contact WPML plugins support and test this issue with them.Please understand that our main goal is satisfied customer and that we want to help you to resolve this.So when WPML support provides you with an answer forward it to us so we can get to the bottom of this issue.

    Kind regards,


      • Hello! I did not understand your comment. You answered that I should use the support forum. Didn’t you? Wasn’t what I did? Or you meant that I should open a new ticket when there is this one already open with the same topic. As you wish.

        • Hello there,

          If the workaround here provided didn’t work, it may be a different situation. In that case, yes please, open a ticket in our support forum.

          If what you meant is that you have already opened a ticket, I have to kindly ask you to continue there. We have there all the needed tools to help you better:


  2. Hi,

    I have a similar problem. I translated some strings which I need for my website. But I have a problem that some of the strings are not shown translated on the website. I‚m sure I‚m translating the good strings and interesting in one place on the website (footer) I have three strings in the row and two of them are translated but the third one is not. In the backend I can see that string is translated, but on the front end I just see first language. I try to write something else and somehow initialize new string, but WPML just catch the change and give me sync circles next to the translations. I make new translations and now I have plus sign, but on the front end I can see only original language. How can I move further I have no idea what to do.