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Reported for: WPML String Translation 2.7.3

Resolved in: 2.8.0

Overview of the issue

In some cases, you might encounter an issue with the ongoing scan for strings in the .mo files.

The message about importing translations from .mo files looks something like this:

WPML is currently importing translations from the .mo files of themes and plugins into the String Translation table.

Right now, there are still 5 .mo files to scan and import.

There is usually nothing wrong with this message, however, in certain cases the count does not decrement.

This is happening when the transient responsible for the scan locking is stuck on locked. That transient is very important during the scan process in order to prevent issues with multiple scan processes being run at the same time.


There are two ways to fix the issue with the count of the .mo files being stuck:

  • Clear all transients using a plugin like Transient Cleaner
  • Or, in your site’s database, go to the options table (by default wp_options, where wp_ is your database prefix), search for a  _wpml_st_mo_scan_in_progress key and remove it.


SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_value` LIKE '%wpml_st_mo_scan_in_progress%'