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Reported for: WPForms Multilingual 0.2.0

Resolved in: 0.3.0

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

WPForms plugin allows you to add a redirection in case you want to send your users to a specific URL after they have submitted a form. However, this field is not available for translation in the Advanced Translation Editor.


Please, be sure to make a full backup of your site before proceeding.

  1. Open your configuration file, /wpml-wpforms/wpml-forms-config.xml.
  2. And change:
    <property type="ARRAY" properties="message">confirmations</property>
  3. With:
    <property type="ARRAY" properties="message,redirect">confirmations</property>

After that, update the URL redirection field (for example, add a blank space at the end) so you can update the translation.