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Krafft has reached over sixty years of age. A professional path that was born in 1953 to offer high-quality products to the automotive, construction and industrial sectors. Nowadays, as Krafft AUTO, we have become role players in the automotive spare parts market, being the reference supplier of all kinds of chemical products.

Besides the development, manufacturing and distribution of Krafft products, we also manufacture and/or distribute other brand leaders like: Wynn’s, Permatex, Rain-X, etc. being Krafft AUTO a global reference supplier for the automotive spare parts industry.

The website has been developed for the European market, in English, French, and Spanish. The architecture of websites, visual design and interaction was defined, always prioritizing the best user experience based on their target audiences: distributors, automotive professionals and final consumers with concerns in the automotive world.

How to build a multilingual directory website with Toolset and WPML

To build a site like this with Toolset you will need to:

  1. Set up custom post types, fields and taxonomies with Types
  2. Display your items on the front end with Views
  3. Create front end forms so users can add and edit items using Forms
  4. Create an account page and charge for content submission and membership with Toolset Forms Commerce

You can find more details on each step within our guide to building directory websites. Also check out our guide to creating a multilingual real estate site with Toolset and WPML.

To translate your directory site with WPML you will need to

  1. Choose who will translate your content, yourself, your own translators or a translation service
  2. Translate your listings (custom post types) and listing categories (taxonomies)
  3. Translate other site content such as custom fields, images and URLs
  4. Duplicate and translate any ads submitted on the front end
  5. Translate strings

If you are assigning translations

You will want to follow the steps above but you will need to send content for translation.

You can find out more information on the most important steps on our how to develop multilingual directory websites guide.

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