CORBAX Diseño Web y SEO

Our company, Corbax Web Design, and SEO, is specialized in creating websites in several languages ​for companies and professionals in Spain and we have chosen WPML as our reference tool for this, since it is probably the best option to do this work because it solves the location and translation of each of the elements of WordPress, pages, and entries to texts and images that pass through sliders, widgets, taxonomies, contact forms, etc. In addition, it has a good technical support difficult to find in other plugins.

One of the great benefits of using WPML over other plugins is the technical support it provides. If you have a website with a lot of content, it is very likely that you need help at some point, so the best option is WPML, which is compatible with a good number of developers. You can find developers that can help you implement WPML, but you’ll find help in the WPML forums, which is really what you pay for, to get the right support when you need it.

We strongly recommend the use of WPML for all those agencies and individuals that need an effective solution for multilingual sites.

Huberto Cánovas, Owner & Developer