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We’re going to add integrated theme localization to WPML and are looking for early feedback.

The ways it’s going to work is:

  1. The theme must be localization ready with all texts wrapped in gettext calls (most themes are built like that already).
  2. WPML will scan the theme and extract the texts from it.
  3. You will translate the strings using WPML’s string translation screen.

That’s it. No files to upload, download, install or include. WPML will do all the work for you.

WPML's theme translation screen
WPML's theme translation screen

It sounds simple, but actually involves quite a lot of work, so your feedback would be appreciated.

Would you find this useful? Any ideas or tips before we get started?

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4 Responses to “Integrated theme localization”

  1. By the looks of it this will be(come) a very flexible way to translate a theme! Anyone who works with ready-made translations will have noticed that sometimes they are not suitable for your blog/website. A translation might be too formal for an informal site or the other way around…

    I am wondering, will there also be a way to download the po/mo files after the translations are done? That would be an excellent additional feature I think!

  2. I second Piet’s remarks.
    It will be very useful to be able to translate themes from the WPML interface,
    and the mo/po export would give it a final touch of awesomeness 🙂

  3. So most WP-themes will be compatible with this, and you don’t have to tweak each theme manually? And the text I enter in the various theme forms will be accessible for WPML. That seems great.