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WordPress is evolving and WPML is following. The WP core team is ready with the first Beta version for brave testers, so while you’re testing it, make sure to test it with WPML’s developers version as well.

We’re going to handle the migration to WordPress 3 in two steps:

  1. Make all existing WPML functions work on WordPress 3.
  2. Add support for new features in WordPress 3.

The first developers version of WPML is ready and you can download it from here:


For your convenience, this is the first Beta version of WordPress 3:

WP 3.0 Beta 1

Changes in WPML for WordPress 3

WordPress has generalized the way posts and pages are handled. In fact, posts and pages are going to work exactly like custom types. There’s no more unique code for ‘posts’ and ‘pages’. Since WPML hooks to the edit screens (for the languages box), we had to change many hooks and filters.

Another major change in WP3 is in how tags and categories are handled. This already started in WP 2.9, but it’s on full burners in WP3. This WPML release doesn’t yet translate custom taxonomies fully, but we’ve started adopting the tags and categories code, so that it’s more generic. For now, tags and categories translation works on WP3, but not custom taxonomies.

Schedule for the next set of changes

Once we’re done with this debug cycle (with all your great help spotting bugs), we’re going to gradually add new features to WPML. This will include translation for menus, custom post types and taxonomy.

We’re planning to start with the menu system, as this is the most stable feature in WP3. Then, we’ll go to the custom posts and taxonomy. The idea is to finish everything by the time WP3 is released. The more testing you do, the better chance we have to make it.

Reporting bugs

Like always, the best way to report bugs is to use the forum. Please tag WP3 related issues with the tag wp3. If you can supply a test site where we see issues, it will help a lot.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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9 Responses to “First developers version for WordPress 3”

  1. Great, I tested WP3 with wpml and couldn’t get trough the 4 step process when installing it. So I am so glad you guys will make wpml WP3 compliant soon!

    Keep up good work!

    • Can you please describe on the forum what exactly did you find?
      Maybe some more details, a screenshot?


  2. Hey, as far as I understand, WPML doesn’t currently support translations on the new custom post types. But it does filter the new custom post types based on the currently active lanaguage – I just cannot set the languaeg of the custom post type post…
    Which means right now some content will never appear in any other languages except for the default language. Anyway, I’m sure this will be fixed soon 🙂

  3. So far so good! installed in WP3. I ve chosen the “Translate by WPML option”.

    Created pages, posts etc. all fine. Scanned the default theme for texts and OK.
    I ll check for more functionality and come back to you

    However I do not manage to translate the PLUGINS. I have this issue also in 1.7.3 and 2.9.2.
    I scan the plugin “Subscribe to Comments” >> I see the strings in the list exactly as I see the strings of the detault theme.

    When I translate the theme it shows up OK. When I translate the plugin string and preview it then NO. The plugin text stay the same in both languages. Ofcourse I have translated the text in the respective fields and marked them “complete”!

    I dont know if I should mention this here but I was hoping that with the new WPML version the plugin translation issue would be resolved. I am a bit desparate for this as I get some plugin texts impossible to translate!!

    The plugin is this >>