Thanks to the continuously growing WPML community, new bugs have been identified in the last release so here we are  almost ready with a new release that includes fixes for these bugs or implementation for various small features.


Bug Fixes

  • Custom posts types were not always recognized in WP_Query
  • WP Menus:uninitialized array, added full list of languages to allow adding menus in other languages than the default one without being translations, fixed bugs with menu ids associations in the main translations table.
  • Fixed pagination links for configurations with language added as a parameter.
  • convert_url method works with https urls
  • WPML can filter multiple post types

Filtering multiple post types

Should be noted that this will not work 100% correctly when using post types that are translated mixed with post types that are not translated. The result is the documents corresponding to the not translated post types will not be displayed.

New Community Forum Moderator

Speaking of community, we’d like to thank Masino who accepted being our forum moderator. I asked Masino for a bio-note to include here and got this very modest reply. In Masino’s words:

I am just an ordinary person who is very enthusiastic about WordPress, especially in making a site that supports the use of several languages.

By following WPML discussion forum, I became aware of the many things associated with the technique in the development of multi-language sites, especially using the WPML plugin. In addition, I can do some small experiments associated with the solution to the questions in the forum, and apply it on my site.

My desire is how the plugin so that others could follow *rules* made by WPML so that each plugin developers or even users of the plugin can perform any customization of the plugin will be made into a multi-lingual. On the sidelines of my busyness, I am also glad to help so that other plugins can support the use WPML, especially the ones that I have been using.

Please join me in welcoming Masino to this new role. The community forum is very busy and having a great moderator is a vital.

Coming up

We’re not just fixing bugs – WPML is undergoing important changes that are expected to have a great impact on the overall user experience.

14 Responses to “WPML 1.8.1 with Bug Fixes”

  1. First, Welcome to Masino.

    Second, there is an error in this post: `will not work 100% correctly when using post types that are translated mixed with post types that are translated’. One of these should read `untranslated’.

  2. i have installed the aggiornament, and now appare this.
    What i can do???

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mhd-01/www.baccistudio.com/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/menu/post-menu.php on line 80

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mhd-01/www.baccistudio.com/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/modules/icl-translation/icl-translation-functions.php on line 10

  3. Hi !

    I just updated my site with this new version.
    Just as the last update, it’s doing a weird bug : impossible to update, ‘O plugin sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.php foi desativado devido a um erro: O arquivo do plugin não existe.’ (the lugin has been desactivated because of an error : the plugin’s files don’t exist).

    It starts updating, maintenance mode, removes files, and then error. So I lost my previous (customized) version of WPML ://

    Just to let you know that everytime I update the plugin, it’s the same thing. I hope it’ll be fixed soon !

    Anyway, thanks for you work !

    • I’m guessing that you got some download issue from the WP plugins repository. That happens, but it’s not related to a specific plugin.

      What do you mean “customized version of WPML”?

      What are you customizing?

      To customize CSS or graphics, you should NEVER edit the plugin’s files. Instead, you need to place the updated files in your theme’s directory and load them. The last loaded CSS determines the actual appearance, so you’ll override the defaults from WPML.

      • Oh, customized just because I added a language-switcher-function in functions.php to customize it !

        In fact, the problem is that (I guess), the maintenance mode doesn’t work very well, and WP can’t delete the file on the server. Even manually, I can’t do it, because /res/flags/ is impossible to delete. Really weird !

        • The bad part is that when I fix the problem (I’m currently waiting for the server admin to remove the WPML folder in /plugins/) and reinstall WPML, it doesn’t recognize the old pages/posts as translations of other pages/posts, so I do have to do it all over again :/
          If this thing could be fixed, it would be great : removing the plugin and reinstalling it shouldn’t change anything.
          Thanks !

  4. I installed WPML on my test site in the local server in my computer and it does not appear in administration and in the pages of my custom post types.

    The custom post types are generated be “Custom post type UI” plugin.

    Can you tell me whether the problem is with your plugin or the plugin for custom post types?

    Thank you for the great plugin,


  5. I have troubles installing the plugin. In the step 2 (site languages) it can’t continues, whatever I do.

    I think I’ll wait to next version.



    • WPML includes a debug mode, which can help you spot problems. Besides that, you can check for JS errors using a debugger such as Firebug.

  6. Dear Amir:

    It is somthing concerned with custom folders. I am not the only one with this problem, apparently. Let say we have:
    wp-content ===> resources
    wp-content/uploads ===> library

    Then the plugin won’t work, it get stacked in the second step.