Wouldn’t it be nice if life was easier? This is exactly the purpose of our Go-Global program – to make the lives of web developers easier by giving making themes and WPML more compatible.

Most sites are built on theme frameworks. Modern themes are complex things with tons of functionality and gadgets. WPML is pretty complex too.

While we do our best to make WPML compatible with every theme, it’s not always possible. Sometimes, little things such as disabled filters or incorrect SQL queries cause compatibility issues.

In our Go-Global program, we iron out these issues and help theme developers maintain fully multilingual-ready themes.

Multilingual-Ready Themes

When we say that a theme is multilingual-ready, we mean two things:

  • It’s fully localize-able, so that it can run on any single language.
  • It supports language switching, so it can run on sites with multiple languages.

Many themes come with .mo files and should work in different languages. We’ll help go the extra mile and verify that language switching also works correctly.

The result is a theme that can power multilingual WordPress sites without any tweaking or hacking. It’s great for web developers and for end-users.

How It Works

This program is intended for developers who distribute themes. These can be either free or commercial themes.

We’ll take the theme from the author, install it on a test server and go through every feature. Sometimes, we need a bit of guidance from the author to see that we’re covering all features.

When we’re happy, we add it to our theme compatibility page. This means that the theme is 100% safe to use on multilingual sites. The author is also welcome to indicate it on the theme.

We will also test newer versions of WPML with that theme, to guarantee compatibility for newer versions.

I Want Too!

If you’re building themes, go ahead and apply in the Go-Global page. If you’re using a theme as a basis for your sites, ask the theme author to apply.

5 Responses to “Introducing Our Go-Global Program”

  1. Fantastic idea! I’ll be sending this link to the guys managing the Carrington framework (not yet on your list of theme frameworks that you have already contacted).

    Will you extend this programme to plugin developers? Besides NextGen Gallery, Dynamic Widgets is an excellent example of a plugin whose author works closely with WPML (and to be honest I don’t know how people can truly use multi-language sites without having Dynamic Widgets to deal with widgets with content in different languages…); it would be great to have more plugin developers aware of WPML and making their plugins more compatible with it.

  2. Unrelated with the present post, but I can’t find the answer anywhere else.

    Voilà: I do not plan to translate my whole blog. I just want to “tag” a particular post as being written in English or Slovenia. Using the lang attribute in the post would be perfect. A nice addition would be a filter both in the admin panel for sorting by language.

    Does WPML do this?


    • Sure thing. When Chris is interested, we’ll be happy to work with him and make sure that Thesis and WPML are fully compatible. Have you reached out and asked Chris?