We’re getting more and more requests for paid custom work and are looking for help with these jobs. Are you interested?

Every week we get a fair number of requests for paid programming work. These jobs range from several weeks of full-time work, to a couple of hours of PHP+CSS tweaking. We’d love to help everyone, but our limited resources don’t allow it.

To respond to this demand, while keep our own focus on WPML development and support, we’re building a network of qualified contractors. We will encourage direct communication between help-seekers and contractors and would also offer priority support for those contractors, so that they can master WPML.

Requirements from contractors:

  1. Have purchased the Multilingual CMS WPML package.
  2. Have a few great looking and perfectly functional showcase sites.
  3. Be available for jobs of different size.

If these conditions are OK for you, please contact us.

Right now, there are several major jobs looking for talented hands and more are always coming in.