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Indeed, this took a bit more than we planned, but it’s ready. You’re welcome to convert qTranslate to WPML sites using our brand new qTranslate Importer.

The plugin is available right now from the WordPress repository:

It’s a two-trick pony.

In its cleanup mode, it will remove all those qTranslate language meta tags from your content. If you’ve ever experimented with qTranslate, you might have noticed that the site’s content becomes irreversibly corrupt with language meta tags (without qTranslate, these are HTML comments).

You can use the qTranslate Importer to just cleanup the database. Activate it and use without WPML and you’ll get to the cleanup mode.

The WPML import mode will convert the content from qTranslate to WPML. It processes pages, posts, tags, categories, custom fields and all custom posts and taxonomy types. Instead of having different languages mixed in the database, each language will go to its own separate location (post, taxonomy or meta).

The plugin also adjusts all internal and incoming links to the new URLs, fixes the page hierarchy and more.

When you’re trying this conversion, please keep some basics in mind:

  • Don’t run this on live sites. Download a development version of the site and work on this locally.
  • Go over the results and review them. You’ll most likely find some things that the conversion script didn’t manage to handle. Check your content and the WordPress setting screens.
  • Learn how to use WPML’s String Translation. You’ll most certainly need this to translate non-post items.

To get started, review the qTranslate to WPML importer guide.

We’re eager to hear how this is working for you. Let us know!

How can we make WPML better for you?

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30 Responses to “It’s Ready – qTranslate to WPML Importer”

  1. I have tried to run the qtranslate to wpml – but every time i do it gets stuck while “working” and it breaks my sites. Any way to solve this? Thanks.

  2. How long does this process take?

    I followed the instructions and it’s been more than 20 minutes (small website) but all it’s saying is Working…

    Suggestions please


    • It shouldn’t take that much. The import process should complete in a few seconds. Would you like to send us your database dump, so that we can debug it locally?

  3. Hello, I’ve just run this importer on a new client site because qtranslate wasn’t able to do everything we needed and I found WPML. It’s been running for 10-15 mins and still says ‘working’. I’m assuming I’m having an error of some sort. If anyone is able to help I’d appreciate it, I was hoping to deliver this site tomorrow morning EST..


  4. Hi everybody,
    I just purchased the WPML plugin and wanted to do the big step forward from qtranslate to WPML. I downloaded the plugin and the qtranslate importer and followed the installation guide. Unfortunately the importer gets stuck and says “…working” Uff I’m getting stressed 🙁 Anybody out ther able to give me an urgent hand?

    All the best,


  5. I tried deactivating all other plugins just in case…but nothing it always gets stucked at the same step “working”!!!

    • Want to send your DB to Mihai, so that he can check why the import is not working for you? If this is OK, I’ll forward your email to Mihai and you can send it to him privately.

    • Hi Amir, yes please I would send him anything 😉 to get this working!!!!!!! Thanks for your reply!

  6. It finally worked but I lost a great part of the pages. I had to run the very first step of the the WPML setup, selecting the languages manually. Then I started the importer and it worked straight away. NOW I have a big problem as I lost some pages!! Specially those I had translated into english (My webiste has 3 languages: Spanish, German, English).
    What do you suggest? What would be the most handy way to solve the problem?? I saved my database before running the import process, but I have no idea how I could get the specific pages back. I would even do it manually but not sure if there is any way to “read out the database” without importing it back and having to start all over again.

    Any ideas??



    • Of course you did create backup before you ran this, right? The plugin asks you to make backup, explaining that it’s going to modify the database and there’s no way to undo this.

      So, go to the backup, install it and run again.

      You should restore the DB from the backup, configure WPML and run the conversion plugin again. If there’s still problem, Mihai will contact you tomorrow to get the DB before you started the import.

    • I have tried this now 4 times with similar result. Would be great if Miahi could contact me to help out. This is urgent 🙁 Thanks for your help so far!

  7. A part of the fact that most of the english part is missing I also have the problem when trying to edit certain pages shown on the pages list and marked with a pencil I (which are available on the front end) I get redirected to the front end on a page saying soemthing like sorry we can’t find this page. This happens when I click on the pencil “edit the spanish translation”. Uff I’m frustrated. I hope you guys can give me a hand. I have been working like a dog without any resonable result….

  8. Shalom

    I purchased WPML CMS and installed qtranslate importer, followed all the instructions with the .htaccess but it broke my site…

    I have made a backup so I’m not worried but I have absolutely no idea how to move forward… How can I get help on this?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi,
    I´m honestly very dissapointed. I´m working on this since beginning of May and NO PROGRESS. I have been emailing with Mihai forwards and backwards but without results. He seems very bussy as he doesn´t even reply to my emails. I spent hours and hours on this…just frustrating. I was thinking to post the exchanged emails on this post just to show that I#m actually super patient but who cares.

    My problems:
    1. Not all pages are translated into all languages
    2. The menue doesn’t trasnlate (To solve it I tried to create a new one at: dashboard/appearance/menue). I can create a new menue but when I want to modify or “translate” the link directs me to the frontend saying that the page doesn’t exist in that language.
    3. As certain pages were not showing in English I wanted to edit it but it didn’t work. I then tried to edit an existing english text. For this I went to: Dashboard/pages/pencil Once I click on it, it dericts me again to the frontend whith the same result as above.
    4. When I activate my ecommerce plugin the Dashboard became blank! In order to solve that problem I renamed the plugin folder and I was able to access to the dashboard again.

    Maybe anybody of the WPML Team can give me a hand???

    Kind regards,


    • It’s bothering us too, very much. Mihai had to resolve some WordPress 3.4 issues, which effected lots of people. It’s all done now and Mihai is back the these qTranslate import issues.

      • Thanks Amir for explaining me your current problems. I’m looking forward to get this moving soon… Is there any way to get an estimated timescale when I’ll get some support?

    • I understand that it’s serious. Mihai is handling the issues with the qTranslate importer next. I hope that you understand that this is pretty complex work. We’re really doing out best to make it as robust as possible.

      If some of the content doesn’t copy, it’s kind-of OK. But if things are migrated and causing DB issues, like you’re having, it’s certainly not OK. Does Mihai have your database, from before the import?

  10. Hi Amir, can you forward me the email of Mihai? I have the same problems here. I’ve been running this conversion for hours but no results… I just read it should take just minutes so can you ask Mihai to take a look at my DB?

    Thanks, I’m quite stuck and very eager to change from QTranslate to WPML.


    • It shouldn’t take hours. When that happens, it means that something is stuck and that spinner image is just spinning idle. I’m adding your details for the error report in our system, so that Mihai can send you an updated version too.

  11. Anybody has a solution to all that has been described here. I have tried everything, and nothing works,