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We submitted a session about multilingual WordPress for WordCamp São Paulo, on August 25th.

In this session, we’ll to discuss about how to build and run WordPress multilingual websites. This session is intended for web designers, content admins and business owners.

We’ll cover:

  • How WPML adds language information to WordPress
  • What it means to have a multilingual site
  • Different ways of presenting content in different languages
  • SEO considerations for multilingual content
  • Building multilingual-ready themes
  • Translating content yourself, or with a team of translators

Our presentation was pre selected to WordCamp São Paulo. The five session proposals that receive the most votes will be accepted.

If you want to see this session, please visit WCSP website and vote for it. The more votes, the greater chance that we can meet there.

Our session is the last on that page, titled “Michele dos Santos da Silva – Websites Multilíngues com WPML”.

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3 Responses to “Want to Meet WPML Team in São Paulo?”

  1. Just for your information, we’ll only consider votes originated in Brazil. Besides, this quiz won’t be the only criteria for selection.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I’m all hope that we’ll get Brazilian WPML clients interested in this session, but I think that it should be plenty interesting for people who are not using WPML right now.

      • Yes, it seems there are many people interested! 🙂
        But I’m trying to find more information about the plugin and I couldn’t find anything about its license. I found its page at plugin repository, but it seems it is no longer maintained there. The last update was on October 2008. Or maybe its not the same plugin.
        I’m asking this because you certainly know all plugins and themes must be GPL compatible to be present at a WordCamp. No problem if it’s a paid plugin, but it’s aproblem if it’s not GPL.
        Could you please clarify that info?