We know the task of exporting and importing WordPress Multilingual sites is something our clients need to do. We also know that this can be quite tricky especially when running multilingual shops.

The WPML team is searching for a way to make one of the WordPress import tools fully compatible with our plugins, and we would like to hear from you; if you have some experience with one of these available plugins please tell us about it. If you are an author of an import / export WordPress plugin drop us a line and we’ll start working together.

23 Responses to “Help us know which import plugin you use for WPML”

    • Thanks for the reply, very good information about Types, we are looking for an integral solution. BTW did you ever try this one with WooCommerce Multilingual?

      • Hi Amit,
        do you mean trying to import products in a secondary language? Or do you mean importing products while WooCommerce ML was active on the website?

              • Awesome. We’ve tried different plugin to import content, and we finally settled on that one because of its compatibility with many different other plugins (plus the possibility to save an import template can really save a ton of time).

                Anyway, regardless of the plugin you’ll choose, a solution to import mulitlingual content is probably the on of the most important feature missing in WPML. Good to know you’re working on it 😉

  1. Hi,

    I run a webshop on woocommerce containing some 15K products and I plan on going multi lingual, but the premium version of WPallImport I use doesn’t seem to support the possibility of importing variable products on a multilingual base.

    I wonder which plugin will eventually be the one supporting this feature because I’m likely to switch from WPallImport to the one fulfilling these needs.

    Best regards,

    Martijn van Goor

    • We are in advance testing of a few options, We’ll of course post as soon as we have a working solution.

  2. We’ve used a few different tools. Ultimate CSV, WordPress Importer as well as a home-grown script that maps CSV data to wpcf fields (works well for sites that need a daily batch import). We are sometimes importing 5000 to 20000 posts with many associated custom fields. I’m trying to do a fairly complex Drupal to WordPress migration right now, that is not working well with any of these tools. My next approach is to get clean mySQL to XML dumps of Drupal data and use WP All in One Import to import and map XML to Types custom fields.

    News of compatibility between Views and Types and solid import tool would be very welcome.

    • Sounds like the right approach. We will post as soon as we have a working tool for importing multilingual WordPress sites.

    • Hi Rajue,

      Thanks for the note! I have seen the tutorial – looks good.

      I’d like to test the plugin with WPML – are you the author of the plugin?