Migrate Polylang to WPML

In the last few months, we’ve been getting requests for an import tool from Polylang to WPML.

We have developed the “Migrate Polylang to WPML” plugin to help achieve the migration in just a few minutes. You are welcome to follow the nice step-by-step tutorial on how complete the whole process.

This plugin migrates all posts, pages, custom post types as well as taxonomies and terms associated with them.

BTW, half related to Polylang import, WPML 3.4.1 and String Translation 2.4 are reducing ST memory usage by about 70% and execution time by 50%. WooCommerce Multilingual 3.8.1 is cutting the load time of the Products admin screen to about 40% of the current timing. Just saying…

14 Responses to “Polylang to WPML Importer”

    • Sure. Konrad, the developer of this tool, will contact you very soon with a dev version. Thanks for offering to help with testing.

    • Hello Peter

      I am Konrad and I work on “Migrate Polylang to WPML” plugin.

      It is publicly available here:

      However bear in mind it is alfa version and not everything works. If you want to test it, I really recommend to do database backup or use some staged version of site.

      Even better: I will send you an email in a moment asking for your site’s credential data. Then I will download your site and test it locally, so you won’t have to do this test.

  1. Hey! I would like to test this out and provide feedback, I currently have a fair sized site that has over 1.000 articles that uses Polylang and I’m looking forward to migrate it to WPML.
    Gonna’ clone it into a staging server and see how it goes 🙂

  2. I got quite upset with polylang, we translate to 5 languages, but I can not even get a language switcher into the main menu… so I really would like to switch to wpml…
    Would be nice if you could send me your testversion…

    Lovely greetigns,


    • Konrad should be in touch very shortly to give you a test version of our Polylang to WPML importer.

  3. We would love to work with you on this and actually need it very much. We tried Polylang and we have grown out of it. We had originally used WPML and our previous management thought it would be a good idea to use Polylang instead. It is not good for a large site indeed. Thank you Amir:)

    • Thank you for the support. It’s great to hear that you’re returning to WPML. Konrad, the developer of the Polylang importer plugin will be in touch very shortly with a dev version. We’re almost ready for a first public release, including complete documentation.