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Post relationship allows you to connect between different post types. We are ready with a first beta of Toolset Types that supports many-to-many relationship, repeating field groups and post reference fields and we need your feedback about how you want to use it on multilingual sites.

In case you haven’t been watching our Toolset project, in the last year we’ve been working on adding full post-relationship support to it. Post relationship means that you can connect between different kinds of post types.

Sounds abstract? Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Let’s say that you’re creating a website for “festivals” in Europe. Festivals have “performers”. You will probably want to create a custom post type for “festivals” and another one for the “performers”.

Obviously, each festival will have many performers. Each performer can appear in many festivals. So, we naturally have a many-to-many relationship between festivals and performers.

The glue that connects between the festivals and the performers will be “appearances”. An appearance will have a “date” may have a “ticket price” and probably a few other characteristics (fields).

The upcoming version of Types lets you conveniently set-up such many-to-many relationships. It also comes with repeating field groups and a few other goodies.

See Dario’s introduction video:

The reason I’m writing about it here is because we’re adding a brand new translation mode to WPML 3.9, which we’ll call “Display Translated”. This mode will allow you to build content listing sites without having to duplicate content. If something is translated, the translation will show. Otherwise, the original will show.

This new “Display Translated” mode will do a few magic tricks. It will allow you to stay in the current language, even when linking-to and displaying untranslated content. That’s really the cool new feature. I’ll write a lot more about it.


The upcoming version of Toolset Types makes it easy to build content-driven sites with Toolset. You can easily build listing sites, directory sites and sites that require post relationship.

Now, we want to know what we need to do in WPML to make your work easier. For this, we need to know if/how you’re going to use repeating fields and post relationship.

You can find Types 2.3-b1 Beta in your WPML account, under Downloads. Switch to the Beta channel to see it.

This is a very early beta version. Don’t install it on any production or development sites. To try it, create a fresh WordPress site and use just this plugin. It doesn’t yet even work with other Toolset plugins.

Use this beta to set-up the post relationships and repeating fields that you need for an upcoming project.

Then, create a new ticket in WPML support and tag it as “Post relationship”. Explain there what project you’re building, show what post types, fields and relationships you’re creating and how you want to display it on the front-end.

Every important for WPML, explain what you want to translate in the site and what you’ll probably leave untranslated.

Then, add your comment here with the link to your support thread. We’ll follow up and make sure that WPML has everything you need for such projects.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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3 Responses to “Need Post Relationships for Your Multilingual WordPress Sites?”

  1. Will the repeating fields/post relationship support also be integrated into the ACF Multilingual plugin? I’m having some issues with ACF repeater/flexible_layout fields and needing to define per post if the field is translatable or not. Would be great to have some kind of wildcard support in the WPML config for custom field names to match translation config on, e.g.


    • Oops, it ate my code:

      <custom-field action="translate">repeater_field_name_%d_sub_field_title</custom-field>
      <custom-field action="copy">repeater_field_name_%d_sub_field_image</custom-field>

    • Hi, Amit here from the WPML compatibility team,

      ACF multilingual plugin supports those fields, but yes: you need to configure every time you want to make them translatable. There are more clients asking to add wildcards support and we do have a ticket in our development cycle to add those but this is not easy to do and it’s not yet being worked on. Please follow our blog for future version announcements, it will get in one of those. Hope that helps.