Many WordPress sites require custom development. Sometimes it’s a portfolio. Sometimes it’s a list of your team members. Sometimes, it’s a searchable directory. Today, WPML clients get an elegant way to build all these custom elements without programming. Meet Types and Views plugins.

Types lets you set-up custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomy for your site.

Views is the most powerful query builder available for WordPress.

Together, Types and Views make it easy to build your own custom elements. If you know HTML and CSS, you’ll be able to build it with Types and Views. No programming needed.

For a taste of what you can do with Types and Views, check out these demo videos:

Building a custom portfolioUsing repeatable field groups

Of course, anything that you build with Types and Views is multilingual ready.

What’s the difference between the full Toolset and Types & Views Lite?

The complete Toolset package includes other components, which allow you to build custom e-commerce, directories, classifieds and membership sites. For creating custom content and displaying it on your site, Types and Views Lite are absolutely fine. They’re a simplified version of the full Toolset package, which also means it’s a lot faster to learn.


To download Types and Views Lite, go to your WPML account and click on Downloads. Scroll to the Toolset section and download the plugins.

Download Types and Views from your WPML account


We’re very excited to offer Types and Views Lite to WPML clients. Try them and leave your comments with feedback.

34 Responses to “New Addition to WPML – Types and Views Lite Plugins”

  1. This is simply amazing! I have had bad experience few years ago trying to translate Toolset websites. Seems now its time to reconsider using this , especially when its totally WPML compatible.

    I will give it a try shortly and make you know if any.!

    Thank you for a great work!

  2. Looks nice, but as a long-time WPML client I have to say I’m a bit confused what this has to do with translation. The second point is, setting this up still requires knowledge of HTML, what Bootstrap is etc… As a developer I wouldn’t expect my customers to know how to use these tools. Therefore, I imagine developers still need to set this up, and while it might be easier to translate strings in custom post types thanks to this, a developer who knows how to set this up is more often than not going to know how to manually code a new post type while remembering about its translation.

    Ergo, I appreciate the effort, but feel like this might not be the best route for future WPML development. Hopefully this didn’t come out negative, as all (especially free) tools are appreciated!

    Best wishes,

    • Yes, this is a tool for developers and not for end users.

      We initiated this because we’ve seen plenty of projects, using WPML, with have some custom development. A lot of this custom code wasn’t built exactly “translation friendly” and it causes problems when these clients translate their sites.

      So, we started offering Types and Views Lite to WPML clients. Our hope is that more developers will use our plugins for custom functionality instead of writing it in PHP. This way, it’s a lot easier to translate these sites. Types and View are fully compatible with WPML. Custom PHP code can be compatible with WPML, but may not always be.

      Does this make sense?

      • Sure, that’s what I thought 🙂 Remember not to go overboard with extra plugins, because supporting issues relating to such “huge” things as custom post types might hinder your time resources 🙂 All the best! Chris

  3. How do you get rid of the nagware “Remember to register Toolset. Registration gives you automatic updates for stability, performance and security.” alert?

    • Hi, Michael!

      Could you please tell me, which page are you referring to? The “Plugins” page?

      • Yes, when I installed and active Toolset Views Lite, I now get at the top of my all my pages the warning, “Remember to register Toolset…” and it can not be dismissed.

        The “register Toolset” links back to the “WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin” page which then redirects you to:


        I think that’s why Riet is asking if you need to register with Toolset.com.

        • That’s weird because I cannot replicate this in my test site. Would you please be so kind as to tell me the version of WPML (and its add-ons) you have installed?

          But to answer your question – no, we definitely do not want to “nag you” to purchase anything. The idea is to provide you with something you can find useful as-is, and if you then decide that the full features are what you need, you can easily upgrade and (then) register.

          Thank you!

          • It’s a base install with Twenty Seventeen as the theme and the following plugins:

            Toolset Types
            Toolset Views Lite
            WPML Multilingual CMS

            On the plugin page, under Toolset Views Lite it has the following text, “You are using the complementary Toolset Views Lite. For the complete set of features, upgrade to Toolset.”

            …as well as the “member to register Toolset. Registration gives you automatic updates for stability, performance and security.” notice at the very top.

            How do I post a screenshot using your comment system?

            • Hi, Michael!

              OK, I managed to reproduce the text under Types, and I checked and it should not say this, so I am raising this to our developers to fix.

              About the message at the very top, I still cannot see this.

              There is no image upload possibility here in the comments, but I will send you an email and you can share it with me privately, so I can forward it to the developers.

              Thank you for your help!

            • Hi, Michael!

              I just sent you an email, so you can share the screenshot there directly with me.

              One important question though:
              – I just tested this again and what I’ve found is that I get this “Register Toolset” message shown only if WPML is not registered.

              Could you please check your site and make sure that WPML is registered on it? If it isn’t, once you register it, the “Register Toolset” notice should go away.

              • Hi Dario,

                WPML is registered. When I go to: https://wpml.org/account/sites/, I get a green checkmark.

                Anyway, what I’m going to do is create an admin account for you on the site. It’s just a temp/dev site that I’m using to evaluate things so it’s no problem.

                • Hi, Michael,

                  thank you very much for this and the test site. Sharing now with our developers and will update here when I have more info.

                • Hi, again Michael!

                  Just to confirm here for other users as well. We just fixed this issue with the “register Toolset” notice being shown at the top of the admin pages. We will release an update that fixes this issue today, or tomorrow at the latest.

                  In the meantime, let me assure you that this glitch does not in any way interfere with the functionality and that you are not obliged to register or buy anything – unless you decide you want to.

                  We hope you will enjoy Types and Views Lite and find it to be useful!

                  Thank you!

    • Hi, Riet!

      No need to register on Toolset.com! If you like the Lite version, feel free to check out the complete feature set of the full Toolset. 🙂


      • Hi Dario, thanks for your reply.
        In my pluginlist there are messages that I should add a valid key or buy a subsection. For that, I need to register = buy a Toolset license. So now I am a bit confused what to do.

        • Hi, Riet! Yes, I just replied to Michael. Could you please share a screenshot of this page/message? I will check with the team what’s expected here as it sounds strange how you describe it. But again, it is not mandatory for you to buy anything. We wanted to provide you with something really useful and you decide later if you need the full package. Thanks!

    • Hi, again Riet!

      Just to confirm here again. This issue with the “register Toolset” notice is fixed and will be rolled out today, or tomorrow.

      This little glitch does not in any way impact the functionality and you are not obliged to register or buy anything – unless you decide you want to.

      Enjoy Types and Views Lite and we hope you find it to be useful for your sites!

      Thank you!

  4. Hi, Riet!

    Thank you for the screenshot. One important question:
    – Do you have WPML installed and registered on that site?

    Because, I get this “Register Toolset” message only if WPML is not registered.

    Could you please check your site and make sure that WPML is installed and registered on it? If it isn’t, once you register it, the “Register Toolset” notice should go away.

      • Hi, Riet!

        Types and Views Lite plugins will work without WPML, but they will be unregistered. This means you will not be able to get automatic updates for them.

        However, if WPML is present in the site and registered, Types and Views Lite plugins will also automatically be registered and automatic updates will be available.

        That being said, feel free to use Types and Views lite even without WPML. In our experience, once people understand the great features Toolset has to offer, they want to have the full package. 🙂


  5. Hi Dario,

    Thanks for your help and addresses this issue so quickly. I look forward to using Toolset and Views Lite.

    Also, I couldn’t actually reply to your last reply. I assume there’s a limit to relying to replies of a reply. 😉

    I would like to clarify here that alerts/noticed used on plugins is no big deal. I think just about every plugin has something asking people to consider the “pro” or paid version. My only issue was in the ability to dismiss the notice. Again, thank-you for the update in addressing this.

  6. Hello,

    I am still watching this plugin as good solution for creating websites, but didn’t start to use it yet.
    Before I take it more seriously I would like to know how far is integration with Elementor page builder?
    Or maybe in the future would be interesting to use it with new page builder Brizy?


    • We’ve been working closely with Elementor team on integration and we have good news for you.

      The upcoming version of Elementor Pro will allow to build templates with Toolset fields. This release of Elementor Pro is planned for next week. We already released an update for Views that creates a “Views Widget” in Elementor.

      So yes, Toolset works very nicely with Elementor.

  7. Great news! I was afraid the free version of RTupes disappears, now I get an enhanced version 🙂
    What I wonder though is where to get the related support? On WP plugin repository I am beoing said it is not the right place.

    • Everyone in WPML support received full training about Types and Views. If you need help, ask in WPML support.

  8. Hi,
    I am puzzled. Communication around Toolset Types is confusing.

    I use Types (version 2.2.23) on a few sites, some sites without WPML, some with WPML.
    On some sites I have WPML installed (I have a paid WPML account).

    Can I replace the installed Types version 2.2.23 and replace that with Toolset Types 3.0.7 that I can download from my WPML account?
    Do I need to have WPML installed on those sites use Types although that they only have one language?

    Looking forward to your reply.