Using MarketPress e-commerce plugin? We have an update for you!

Aaron (MarketPress author) and our Dominykas have completed new versions of MarketPress and our glue plugin WPML-MarketPress.  The new versions support WordPress 3.4.1 and let you run fully multilingual shops with WPML and MarketPress.

Changes in this release

  • Fixed original product meta data synchronization between translated products
  • Fixed custom fields (price, SKU, weight and others) issue when updating a product

Multisite MarketPress related:

  • Fixed Global Products in main site of a network are shown in all languages
  • Fixed Global Product Categories in main site of a network are shown in all languages


You should update both MarketPress and WPML-MarketPress.

  • Download MarketPress (current version is 2.6.1)
  • Download WPML-MarketPress from your WPML account (current version is 1.1.4)
  • Also, be sure you’re using the latest versions of WPML and its add-on plugins.

You can find full documentation of how to use MarketPress and WPML together in the Multilingual MarketPress tutorial page.

If you need any technical help, the best place to ask for it is in our forum. Explain that it’s about MarketPress and WPML and indicate that it’s for Dominykas.

Let us know what you think by leaving comments here!


9 Responses to “Update for MarketPress Multilingual”

  1. Guys, not sure if you saw my tweet about this, but wpml-marketpress.1.1.4.zip is identical to wpml-marketpress.1.1.3.zip. Both are 6412 bytes zip files. This article makes it sounds like there are supposed to be some actual code changes in the bridge?

  2. Yes indeed, product fields like SKU and Variation name now seem to un/serialize correctly.

    Downside still is that you have to click at least once through each and every product translation to get the fields magically fixed. Fortunately you don’t have to press Update on each page, at least. Still, with large product catalogs this could be boring as hell.