WPML 3.1.5 is ready and is fully compatible with WordPress 3.9. Get it while it’s hot!

We’re several days after WordPress 3.9 release and I’d like to report the current status. WPML 3.1.5 beta2 release is mostly compatible with WordPress 3.9, but there are a few known issues. If you know them too, we can all save ourselves time.

First, if you are just now reading about WPML and WordPress 3.9, please remember that WPML 3.1.4 (the production version) doesn’t work well with WordPress 3.9. There are Javascript problems which will cause the content editor to misbehave and warnings about deprecated MySQL calls. All of these are successfully handled in WPML 3.1.5, which is currently in beta2. If you already installed WordPress 3.9, you should use WPML 3.1.5b2 (even as beta).

If you can wait with upgrading your sites, WPML 3.1.5 will complete QA in a few days and allow you to upgrade to WordPress 3.9 more easily and smoothly.

Changes in rewrite logic may lead to translations redirecting to wrong URLs

We received several reports (thread 1, thread 2) that translations are redirecting to the wrong locations.

Pawel, from WPML development, is working on this. It looks like some subtle changes in the rewrite logic and in WPML’s caching are related to this. We have the debug data and we can reproduce it locally.

Some of the reports that we received for this were resolved without any fixes. If you see similar problems, make sure to:

  1. Update all WPML components
  2. Make sure that no other plugins that can redirect URLs are activated
  3. Go to Settings->Permalinks and resave them

Please remember that since WordPress API changed, other plugins probably need update. So, when you troubleshoot, try to deactivate other plugins and possibly switch to the default theme. The majority of the problems we’ve handled in the last few days were actually theme and ‘other plugins’ related.

Language switcher widget causing warnings in the widgets admin

This is something that completely slipped our testing. The entire widgets admin in WordPress 3.9 has changed (very much for the good). As a result, the way we registered WPML’s language switcher became obsolete. We’re fixing this for 3.1.5b3. The added benefit will be that you can now add any number of language switchers to different widget zones.

Only default permalinks and language URLs working

We’ve seen this in more rare cases and traced it down to very specific server configurations. Don’t worry, it’s something that we can handle in WPML, as exceptions, and we’re adding to 3.1.5b3.

Links in translated pages go to incorrect URLs

This is a Sticky Links issue, which we are almost done repairing. Sticky Links may add the language name to the URL, even though these pages are not translated.

WPML 3.1.5 only available for Multilingual CMS clients

This is not really a development ‘bug’, but more my fault. I’ve added the beta download for WPML 3.1.5b2 to Multilingual Blog clients too. it’s at the bottom of the Downloads page in your wpml.org account.

I’d like to thank everyone for being patient with us and helping us quickly get to the bottom of these issues. WPML 3.1.5 QA continues in parallel to the beta release. We found several other glitches and they’re all getting handled for 3.1.5b3.

The entire development team will be away until Tuesday. The support forum is staffed as skeleton team until then and they will mainly be offering quick solutions and collect problem reports.

Our plan is to resolve these issues (including sending clients beta updates for confirmations) and then release 3.1.5b3. If all is well, that b3 will then turn to the production release. We should be able to complete all this during the upcoming week.

If you have development sites, you are encouraged to switch to WordPress 3.9 and WPML 3.1.5 beta. We recommend waiting with production sites for after 3.1.5 is released.

77 Responses to “Status of WPML for WordPress 3.9”

  1. Can you make sure you delete the breaks in WPML as well?
    Because when I activate WPML I get two extra breaks in my source and with WP_DEBUG mode set to false I get white pages. Set to true I get a Headers already sent message.
    We are running all latest version of WPML plugins. But problem sits in WPML Multilingual CMS plugin.

      • In the source.
        So when I activate WPML and view source. I see line breaks at the top of the page.
        I don’t have those when WPML is deactivated.

        • Hi Anne

          I am WPML developer and I tried to replicate this issue, but i dont see any special line breaks. Could you explain me where do you see them? Which plugins you have active? What is the url to your site?

          • domain.com/wp-login.php gives line break on top of the page in source
            domain.com/wp-admin/ gives 3 line breaks and a white page

            Skype: REMOVED
            Probably a lot easier to discuss it in dept

    • Thanks for reporting this. I used Google Translate to read it in English and I hope that I got it correct. I’m including your email in the problem report and our devs will contact you if they need help reproducing the problem.

      Just to be sure, can you give a short description in English? Tell us which admin screen you’re going to and what you’re doing, so that we can retrace it, see what’s wrong and fix.

      • When being in the wp-admin area in a post or portfolio post section, where you create new postings or portfolio entries you normally have a selection of categories and tags where you can choose from on the right sidebar. Underneath you see the “teaser image” or also called “featured image”.

        Exisiting post or portfolio entries do not display their categories and tags they belong to. Also when creating a new posting and choosing a category or a tag you can’t choose one. Regarding the featured image: When clicking on this to add a featured / teaser image you will get moved to a new tab instead of having the classic media popup where do drag and drop + upload images.

        After deactivating wpml everything works well. When re-activating the plugin, the problems as mentioned above appear again.


  2. Not sure if it has been reported already, but I get a javascript error when on for example the Edit Post screen:
    Error: TypeError: postEdit.$connect_translations_dialog.dialog is not a function
    Source File: domain/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/res/js/post-edit.js?ver=3.1.4
    Line: 121

    I checked several sites where I have WPML running, all the same error. This makes it impossible to do things like changing the date, see the screen options, etc.

    • For WordPress 3.9, you should use WPML 3.1.5, which is currently in beta. You can download it from the Downloads page on our site. Can you try and let me know?

      • Will try it tmrw and let you know. I was holding off, because in the post you recommended it not to use on production sites, but no worries 🙂

    • WPML 3.1.4 has known problems with WordPress 3.9. You can use the 3.1.5b2 (beta) version, which addresses these problems. Now that I read this blog post again, I see that it’s not mentioned. I’ll edit the post and add it.

      You can get WPML 3.1.5b2 after logging in to wpml.org and going to the Downloads page. It’s at the bottom. Please notes that this is a ZIP file, which includes the ZIP files of all WPML components. You need to unzip it locally and upload the relevant components that you’re using.

  3. Not sure if these bugs are covered, but the image/media uploader in the new post page doesn’t work. Meaning nothing pops up. When I deactivate WPML it works again. Just an fyi.

    • These issues are already handled in WPML 3.1.5b2. It’s a beta version, so you need to download and install it manually. Log in to your wpml.org account, click on Downloads and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see the WPML Beta Package. You need to unzip it and upload the components that you’re using to your site.

  4. hi dear wpml developer i want buy your plugin use for genesis themes is it will work withouth any problem? genesis studio press themes. and may i use demo? thanks.

    • WPML works great with Genesis. Sorry, but we don’t have a demo version. If you buy WPML and you’re not happy with it, we can refund your order.

    • We have several last issues to finish, we’ll run another round of full testing and it’s ready. If your site is stuck on a specific issue, we will have an update for this very soon. We are trying to push the final 3.1.5 release this week, but it depends on the status of testing.

      FYI, WordPress 3.9 itself includes a few glitches and the WordPress core team is preparing a 3.9.1 update. These updates shouldn’t affect WPML 3.1.5, but they may resolve some glitches that people are experiencing right now with WordPress 3.9 and WPML 3.1.5.

  5. Dear Amir, if i upload 3.1.5b2, it dolete the older files or not? I risk to lose my data in website? It’s better to wait a final release?
    I have several problem with DIVI Template on WP 3.9

    • Your content never changes when you update WPML. The correct sequence for updating plugins is to deactivate, delete the old files, upload the new files and activate. Your content doesn’t change in the way. This update doesn’t delete files, so it’s not necessary to delete the old folders. You can just overwrite it with the 3.1.5b2 version. If you’re already on WordPress 3.9, you should update.

      • Hi Amir, thx for the reply.
        Please explain to me the correct procedure: i deactivate the WPML, upload the Beta .zip and finally activate the WPML?

        • First, you need to unzip the ZIP file of the beta. It includes ZIP files of all of WPML’s components. Then, like you are writing, deactivate, upload the beta ZIPs (all components that you are using) and activate.

          As always, before updating plugins, I recommend to backup your database. 99% of the time, this backup is not needed, but it’s really nice to have it for the 1% of the times when things go wrong.

  6. Hi,

    Are there any reported issues with String Translations for websites whose default language is not english? Since I updated to the beta version, my translated strings are not showing anymore and I can’t seem to register new strings (either context-related or not). Everything was working fine last friday. My website is not live yet. I’d like to know if I’d better wait for an update or try and find a way to make it accessible so I can ask for help on the support forum.

    Thank you.

    • I want to make sure that we’re not overlooking anything. Did you write about this in our technical forum? It would help if you can start a thread there, include the details and a step-by-step description of what you are doing and what you’re seeing.

      Screenshots of the relevant admin screens would be great.

      If/when there’s a thread about it already, please paste the link here, so that I can follow up on it.


  7. I updated the plugin to the beta version and the avia framework visual editor works correclty. Hope we can get WPML stable version soon.

    Great job.

    • Great! Thanks a lot of letting us know. We are working our way through a few last issues and hope to be ready with the final 3.1.5 version this week.

  8. With Sticky Links turned off.
    Posts are switched OK back and forward.
    Pages are not. They are redirected to default language.

    This is not good.

    Note about redirection plugins. The Redirection by John Godley is great plugin and great many WP sites are using it. Can you ensure that new WPML will have no conflicts with it?

  9. Hi,
    Unfortunately I updated WordPress 3.9. I was not aware of this serious incompatibility.
    I using Avia framework (Enfold) and WooCommerce.
    If I enable WPML occur several conflicts, I can not edit pages and products, and other malfunctions.
    I disabled all plugins WPML.

    In the local server I installed WPML Beta 3.3 beta2, confirm that many problems are solved.
    I hope we can get WPML stable version soon.

  10. I’ve a problem with WMPL and the Visual Composer. Please give me some information how my translator can translate and work on the interface of visual composer. Thanks.

    • Right now, the translator will need to recreate the Visual Composer design for each language, then edit it and change the texts. I know that it’s not very efficient. We are working on a new solution which will allow convenient translation. This will go to the next WPML release (after 3.1.5) and we will also need to work with VC author to use this new API.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply.
        Do you have any information when the next update or release will be expected?
        At the moment visual composer isn’t working at all. It is not possible to create the layout new. There is no visual composer.

        Thanks a lot.

        • That’s a different thing. If VC is not working at all on your site, there’s a Javascript error that needs handling. If you’re already on WordPress 3.9, you also need to upgrade to WPML 3.1.5 (in beta now). This should resolve the Javascript problems and VC will return to normal. Is this the case? Let me know if you have a different setup and what problems you’re seeing.

          • Thanks Amir, unfortunately it is working for the german page as “source”, but on the “translator” page it is again with all the programming staff and our translator can’t work. Any solution? Will it be better with the release after beta? Now it isn’t working 🙁

            Thanks for your answer.

  11. Due to the fact that I do not have a test site to try these updates, I am waiting for the final release of WPML 3.1.5 and WP 3.9.1 before upgrading.

    Which would be the best way to upgrade? WordPress first and then WPML or the other way round?

    I would also like to know if the “reverting date to /-0001/11/sample-post/” when re-saving secondary language posts has been rectified in the latest release?

    Many thanks, Olly

    • When WPML 3.1.5 is available (pretty soon now), you should first update WPML and only later WordPress. WPML 3.1.5 will be compatible with older WordPress versions, as well as WordPress 3.9.1. Is there a support thread in our forum about the problem that you have with URLs and dates?

    • We’re have a new beta today, which addresses EVERYTHING that was reported in the forum and that we found in our own testing. Then, we’ll complete a second round of full testing and we should have a final 3.1.5 version early next week.

      • Thanks for the quick anser!

        Do you know what time today the new beta will be available for download? I have one site that is updated with WP 3.9 and that really needs a solution for some of the redirection problems reported.

        • It should be ready in our afternoon (European time). Just a couple more small issues, testing and we’re ready.

  12. Hi Amir,

    I’ve downloaded the previous beta but found not .zip files in the download after unzipping it. Perhaps i’m really out of it but do you know how I can install the beta? These issues are troublesome.

    Thanks a lot,


    • You should download the ‘CMS Beta Package’. This file is a ZIP file, which includes other ZIP files (for sure). You should unzip it on your PC. Then, you can upload the ZIPs of the relevant WPML components that you are using to your site.

      If you’re seeing anything different than this, can you tell us what you are doing and what files you are seeing?

      • Hi Amin,

        Thank you for the reply. Once unzipped in “sitepress-multilingual-cms” i see:


        Docs folder
        inc folder
        lib folder


        locale folder
        menu folder
        modules folder
        res folder


        I am really not seing any other Zip files.. I regularly install plugins… Could you send me the zip I need by email? thank you very much,


        • OK, so you are unzipping the file that you don’t need to unzip. You should upload that ZIP to WordPress. It is the ZIP file that already contains the plugin. There is another plugin there for String Translation. I think that you mentioned that you are using that too, so you need to update it too.

          • Hi Amir,

            What you said got me thinking because I was actually only unzipping the pack like I always do.

            In fact the mac was unzipping everything inside the pack as well. So I re ziped the individual plugins. Works fine now thanks a lot for your patience.

            • Well, thanks for your patience too. You should expect to get WPML updates directly to your WordPress admin, ahead of WordPress updates. We almost always manage with this. WordPress 3.9 release is somewhat special because it included a large number of API changes in the last few days of the development cycle and it arrived just before Easter.

              We have learned from this experience and we will allocate even more resources to future WordPress upgrades, so that no matter when it falls in the year, WPML will be ready form a new WordPress version is released.

  13. I use WordPress 3.9 and wpml 3.1.5b2
    If I upload an Image in the Media Libray and WPML is active. The Media Libray don´t update . If I deactivate WPML the Update Works of the media file list works.

    Please fix ist.

    Best Regards Thomas

    • What WPML components are you using? Have you updated all to this beta version?

      In Firefox and Chrome, there’s a console. Can you open it and see if there’s a Javascript error? If there is something, please paste it here.


    • I have updated all WPML components and i´am using all components instead of wpml media.

      Now I activate WPML Media and now it works fine.

  14. Not sure if this is already covered somewhere else, but I’m finding that WPML causes the 3.9 post and page editing functionality to stop working. With all plugins deactivated but WPML, and in Twenty Fourteen, the following functionality does not work, but instead scrolls the edit page around seemingly at random:

    Publish box:
    Status, Visibility, and Publish – all Edit links.

    Categories box:
    + Add new category link

    Choose from the most used tags
    (With the interesting note that when I switch to my secondary language, the secondary language tags appear, and when I go back to English, so do the English tags; after that, the link toggles their visibility as expected.)

    Set Featured Image does work, as does category management page

    • Update: installing 3.1.5b3 seems to have fixed these issues! Thanks very much for your quick response to these problems with 3.9, and particularly for your transparent and active communication about it all. That’s excellent and exemplary service!

    • Update 2: Another issue I’ve been struggling with also seems fixed: creating a post in my secondary language only set the pub date to zero.

      • I’m very glad to hear this. I was just in the middle of typing a reply to your first comment and it’s great to hear that the recent beta fixes the problems you’ve had. We’re almost finished with QA for WPML 3.1.5 and it should go out on Monday.

  15. I tried to update to WordPress 3.9 and WPML Beta 3 but faced permanent reloading of every URL. It might be compatibility with any other plugin e.g. the redirect function of WP SEO but finally could not figure out the reasons behind and reversed the installation with a backup on hand. I keep my fingers crossed that the final version will work as good and reliable as the previous versions. Robert

    • Update: The cause must be with WPML 3.1.5B3. Even without updating WP to 3.9 the pages are permanently reloading as soon as the Beta is installed.

      • Have you checked for any other plugins which might be involved in URL rewrites? (redirect, category base removal, etc.)

        Did you update WPML and all the components that you’re using?

        Have you started a support thread about this? We need more information to help you solve this problem. The support forum is good for this, so that we can pass more debug information and have a developer assigned to it. If you already created a support thread, paste the link here and I’ll make sure we have someone following up.

  16. Hi

    Now it´s monday (after a long period of promises and waiting).
    Where is the bugfixed 3.15 Version of WPML?


  17. Hi,

    I bought WPML in January 2013 and after upgrading to WP 3.9, the URLs with the same slugs for category and for the pages stopped working.

    I have pages like this:


    Even the pages exist in admin, I can only see the root pages on the website. If I go to /en/ pages with the same slug, I get a 404 error. I setup the website on a different domain for testing and different hosting provider and on the other server instead of 404 I am being redirected to the root pages.

    For example domain.com/en/category/page is redirected to domain.com/category/page

    I hope there is a solution for this.

    Thank you.


    • WordPress 3.9 came with considerable API changes and we updated WPML accordingly. Now, WPML is fully compatible with WordPress 3.9. I suggest that you upgrade WPML. Everything in your site should return to full functionality when you run the most recent versions of WPML.

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for the fast reply.

    I noticed that also the URLs I’m using in the widgets don’t work anymore.

    I guess I have to buy the plugin again.

    Thank you.


    • Are you using the recent version of WPML? It’s fully compatible with WordPress 3.9.