Remember our Layouts project? We just released a new version, with full Toolset integration and we’re running another usability test. Of course, you’re invited!

It’s been a few months since we last wrote about our drag-and-drop WordPress editor called Layouts. Layouts is in version 0.9.1 and getting very close to its first production release.

Layouts lets you design complete websites, from the first pixel to the last. It’s a plugin, so you can use it with different themes.

Editing a Layout

Editing a Layout

Content displayed with a Layout

Content displayed with a Layout

Layouts 0.9.1, released this week, includes complete integration with other Toolset plugins, allowing you to build entire sites from the WordPress admin, without coding.

We think that you will like Layouts, because it’s especially built for developers. The plugin comes with a small and powerful library of cells. These cells cover all the standard WordPress elements, including menus, posts, widgets, free text and HTML. Besides that basic cells library, you also have Views and Content Template cells, so you can build and design custom elements without coding.

But, this isn’t all. Layouts has a complete API, which lets you create your own cells. Using this API, you can build your own library of dragable items and use it on different client sites. You can easily create your own galleries, sliders and other cool elements that you can reuse. Since these are Layout cells, you can place them on the grid, move and resize without any effort.

Anyway, Layouts 0.9.1 aims to provide a streamlined development environment and we want to test this. Next Friday, May 16th, in European morning hours, we are going to run a usability test on Layouts. We’d like to invite you to join. Each session will take 50 minutes and we will be rewarding participants with complementary Toolset accounts.

If you want to join, leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

12 Responses to “Layouts Project Nearing Production”

    • Thanks! We are planning to add more frameworks to Layouts, but I cannot promise it will happen in the next few weeks. First, we are planning to complete the required functionality and later work on new CSS frameworks.

    • Great! I’ve asked Dario, who’s coordinating this usability testing to get in touch with you.

  1. Interesting concept.

    Would love to do some testing on one of my development servers. Is the current downloadable version 0.9.1 already fully working?


    • Yes, Layouts 0.9.1 is currently available to download to all Toolset clients. We are also arranging a usability testing for Layouts next week. This testing will be available to everyone, including people who haven’t purchased the plugins.

  2. Hi Amir, I’d like to participate in your Layouts usability test next Friday (5/16). I’m in the Eastern time zone, so I assume you’re 5-6 hours ahead. Is that correct? Thanks, Andrea

    • Thanks Andrea. I’ve sent your details to Dario, who’s organizing this usability testing. He will be in touch very soon.

  3. I’d be happy to participate in your Layout Usability test Friday 16 may 2014.
    My timezone is GMT +1 as in Hamburg, Germany.