WPML team is happy to deliver a beta version of WPML 3.1.8. This version improves stability and performance.

Major issues handled in this release

  • Changing language in the back-end, will not change the whole UI language (errata)
  • Changing language of an editing post, cannot mess the taxonomy terms translations (errata)
  • Search results will remain in the correct language in all language URL configurations (errata)
  • Fixed memory issues or infinite loops errors, caused by wpml-config.xml parsing (errata)

Remaining issues that we are still working on

  • When creating or editing the root page (language in directories and root page without a language), it’s permalink could not be displayed at all, or it could show the wrong url in some cases
  • Some strings might get duplicated with different contexts
  • “Translate yourself” options in the post editor might not work in some cases

This update is recommended for production sites only if our support team identifies a problem in your site and recommends you to switch to this beta release to resolve the problem.

Before updating, please back-up your database.

Then, log-in to your WPML account, go to Downloads, scroll all the way to the bottom and download the CMS Beta Package.

The CMS Beta Package is a ZIP, which contains other ZIP files of all WPML components. Unzip it and upload the components that you are using. If you are upgrading a site, be sure to upgrade all WPML components that you are using, from the same beta package.

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

19 Responses to “WPML 3.1.8-b1”

  1. Installed it and it solved my problem of shopping cart content resetting for a language different than english. Thanks!

  2. Hi there,

    I am experiencing something strange, my download has the Beta CMS Package in a ZIP, but it, do not contains other ZIP files, instead it contains a normal folders with the other components.

    In this way is impossible to install the plugins in the wordpress backoffice.

    Are you missing something? or should I do the installation differently?

    Sorry for my ignorance.

    Thanks and Best Regards


    • I’m pretty sure that our Beta package includes other ZIP files. You ZIP program is probably doing something ‘intelligent’ and showing you the content of the ZIPs. You should extract the package locally. If you get a collection of ZIP files, extract them too. If you already receive folders, it means that you ZIP files automatically extracted it. That’s fine. Just upload the folders to your site.

      • Hi Amir,

        It’s weird because I tried to open on another computer and the same thing happens.

        I will wait for my developer to put the files by filezila.

        Thanks and Best Regards
        Paulo da Silva

  3. Hi,

    does it solve the issue that I have to activate my installation again and again?
    It does not keep the activation code after I logged out of WP…


    • I’m sorry, but I don’t know the details of the problem you’re describing. WPML 3.1.8 fixes a number of issues related to registration. Is there a support thread about the problem you’re having? I can look up the details there.

  4. Still having a lot of issues.

    – Taxonomy fails and still adds @languagecode to the name of the taxonomy.
    – Creating duplicate posts in a different language does not work / messes up language.
    – Categories widget shows all Taxonomies does not filter language.
    – Translate menu in posts/pages is totally messed up.

      • Hi Arne,

        The language code suffix issue is going to be fixed in WPML 3.1.8 final release.

        As for the last issue, could you please provide more details how to replicate the problem?

        Perhaps it may help if you could create a post in the support forum, so we can provide you a better support.


  5. Hi there
    The Beta Version solved my problem relating WooCommerce Product Bundle. So far I could not be using the Bundle extension anymore, because the product variations of the bundle items were not selectable anymore. This works now, which is great.
    On the other hand, I have noticed that you removed the “Set prices in other currencies manually” feature? is this correct or did I do something wrong during the setup?
    Best, Daniel

    • It seems that the language switch in the admin bar is broken. therefore its inpossible for me to end up at the alternative language. Can you confirm this?

      • Nevermind my comments. It was due to the standard language that was set in my user profile. Therefore it wouldnt allow me to switch to english.

        One thing though, that i realized is that product variation in a non-default language have this @ extension e.g. “black and grey @ch” (swiss-german) added in the select list in the single product view. Maybe that is an issue.
        Anyway, thanks for your good work!

  6. Hi there, i have loggin in wpml automatic updates from my wordpress. Im still need make manual update of WPML 3.1.8 ?

  7. Hello,

    After some considerations and thoughts I decided to drop WPML and choose different solution. However, I still have this WPML Media bug which caused thousands of duplicated in my Media. Could you please provide me with solution to fix that bug? I can’t download the update to fix it but I heard you can run a script or something. Looking forward to your assistance.



    • The problem you’re describing was caused by a unique sequence of actions. The previous WPML version that you used was not compatible with WordPress 4.0 (because it was completed before WordPress 4.0 existed).

      Other identical issues that we saw happened after upgrading WordPress to 4.0, while using the older version of WPML, which isn’t compatible. This had generated a large number of duplicate media entries.

      The solution for this is to:
      1. Update to the recent WPML version
      2. Run an SQL query on your database to catch and clean the duplicate media attachments

      You will need a valid account in wpml.org for both these. Downloads are only available to clients with valid accounts. Also, that cleanup script needs to be adjusted to your database. It needs to be done with great care, so that it doesn’t accidentally delete your content. Our supporters know how to do this, including to make sure that the script only catches these duplicates, before letting it run.

    • Right, but I don’t want to use WPML anymore so I’m not buying the license again. Does it mean I won’t be able to fix this bug?