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Do you want to offer WPML together with your multilingual-ready themes? Now you can, using WPML’s Embedded Installer.

The Embedded Installer is a tiny piece of PHP, created for theme authors. When you include it in your themes, it offers your clients to buy, install and activate WPML from inside the theme.

No need to use an FTP program to upload and unzip. Your clients also enjoy automated upgrades for WPML, without any hassle.

Since you are responsible for sales coming from inside your theme, you receive a nice affiliate commission for every sale that comes from the Embedded Installer.

Want to learn more? Read the tutorial on Embedded WPML Installer and get started.

3 Responses to “WPML Embedded Installer”

  1. Interesting development…

    Could it be an idea to add all the available options to the tutorial? It now only says “optional, default value: 0” to most options, but nothing has been explained really.

    Is it correct to assume that the embedded installer is the same as the installer already included in the core plugin or is it necessary to contact the Compatibility team to get different code?

    • Hi Piet,

      For now the Embedded installer is not part of WPML core, it will be in the near future – so, yes – you need to contact Compatibility Team once to get the files, that way we can also help when needed.

      As for the optional options:
      * plugins_install_tab –> show the installer in Plugins–>Add new screen (commercial tab)
      * ‘affiliate_id’ & ‘affiliate_key’ –> your WPML affiliate details as appear in your
      * ‘src_name’ & ‘src_author’ –> theme details – also to be used in the case of theme’s coupons
      * ‘repositories_include’ –> can be either wpml or toolset or both

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for your reply, Amit.

        So what’s with the coupons? And “repositories” is then only for the Core plugins, nothing to do with addons?

        I clicked the link to contact the Compatibity Team, but that page just shows the contact form to submit a theme/plugin for review, nothing related to this Embedded Installer.