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We just pushed the official update for WPML 3.2.3. This version includes all necessary updates for WordPress 4.3, as well as a number of other improvements.

This update should appear in your WordPress dashboard in a few hours (depending on the WordPress updates cache). Please be sure to update WPML before you update WordPress to 4.3.

The easiest way to update WPML is by registering it and letting the automatic update to its magic. You can always update manually by downloading the recent ZIP files from your account.

Experience tells us that things can go wrong. This update of WordPress introduces several API changes (nothing like the huge API change in WordPress 4.2.3). These changes may effect your theme and plugins. We recommend that you make full backup of your site before the update and carefully test functionality after.

The full list of features is listed in the WPML 3.2.3 RC. There’s also an important technical note about translation for widget titles.

Feedback? Ideas? Questions? Leave your comments and we’ll reply.

9 Responses to “WPML 3.2.3 for WordPress 4.3”

  1. For those who have active Icanlocalize account will be safe to finally make the upgrade to 3.2.x?

    • Almost. This week we are going to release a utility plugin that will migrate ICL projects. It’s almost ready now. We want to test it on our own sites (which are stuck, just like your) and then we will add to the Downloads section and announce it. I’ll send an email to all clients, so you don’t need to continue checking our blog for updates.

  2. Hi,

    I just updated WPML yesterday, and was surprised to find out that there is already an update 3.2.4 for WPML Multilingual CMS and 2.2.4 for WPML String Translation.
    Is it “safe” to install them right away?

    • Yes, you should install these updates as they come. A couple of glitches made it through our testing for WPML 3.2.3. We fixed them in the subsequent releases. There’s going to be another minor update today, fixing a performance problem that impacts very large sites (almost not noticeable for small and medium sites). We’re sorry about doing these back to back updates and we know that it’s a big inconvenience to you.

      • Thank you very much.
        No problem. The important thing is to have the plugin working correctly!
        Have a nice day.

  3. My account expired, so I am told to download the update “manually”. However, on the Downloads page, I don’t see the 3.2.4. update. What is the exact title of the file? And how would I update my WordPress with the update?

    • Hi Jim,
      for users whose WPML subscription has expired we offer the “CMS Security Update Package” only, which is WPML (not 3.2.4).
      To download this one you need to log into your WPML account and go to the Downloads section.