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WPML keeps adding new members to its Theme Compatibility list and today we are about to include several themes and an extra plugin as a great surprise from our guest.

Jason Bobich is a ThemeForest and MOJO Themes author from Alaska and a ThemeBlvd lead.  5 out of the 13 items published on ThemeForest got over 1000 sales each.  He is an experienced Front-End and Back-End developer and contacted us regarding his updates in the multilingual direction.

Jason’s Themes

Jason indicates that these themes are working with WPML:

  1. Swagger
  2. Alyeska
  3. Breakout
  4. Akita
  5. Arcadian
  6. Barely Corporate
  7. Prime Time 
  8. Jump Start

The themes offer various features for your website such as: sliders, boxes, custom widgets, shortcode generators, extra add-ons. Latest themes are HTML5-based and responsive, being light and fully compatible with all mobile devices.

Glue Plugin – Tying Things Together

Jason took an innovative approach to making his themes WPML-compatible. He created the WPML Bridge Plugin, which handles all language related issues. This way, the theme code remains clean and minimal, for everyone who needs to run a single-language site, and people who run multilingual sites get to enjoy full functionality with WPML.

We’re doing a similar thing with e-commerce plugins and when integrating with other major frameworks. Kudos to Jason for choosing this solution!

Jason’s themes are written in accordance to the standards and being WPML-compatible, In addition to that he announced the WPML Bridge Plugin. You can download it from the repository and test the extra functionality added to the themes in order to improve the overall user experience.

  • The WPML Bridge plugin enhances the Theme Options of your theme administration panel turning it into a multilingual-ready solution – you could define unique backend settings per language.
  • It adds extra hooks for WPML integration (adding flags from within the admin panel to several theme blocks).
  • Breadcrumbs with multilingual support are also available – adjust ThemeBlvd breadcrumbs to WPML-compatible and supported ones.
We will work together to keep all ThemeBlvd items fully compatible with WPML.

Visit to find more about Jason or contact him on Twitter.

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