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Right now (24th Oct, 2019) Divi 4 and WPML are not fully compatible. We’re working with Divi developers to review all problems and handle them. In this post, we list the known issues, so that WPML clients don’t waste time running into problems that we are already aware of.

With the release of WPML 4.3.12 all Divi 4 specific issues have been addressed.
If you are still having problems please report them in our support forum.

Known Compatibility Problems Between Divi 4 and WPML

The admin language is being translated, instead of displaying in the original language

For example, you create a French translation and the admin switches to French too. This happens even though you want the admin to remain in English. Divi 4.0 is storing a translated cache locally. This is causing the admin to remain in a translated language.

Language switcher is not saved in Divi’s custom widget area

The Divi 4.0 theme allows you to add widget areas. When WPML’s language switcher widget is added to an area, it isn’t showing on the page. The same problem happens when the WPML -> Languages -> Widget language switcher option is used.

Background images aren’t being translated

Divi 4.0 lets you set an image as the background in a module or row. The original language image is being displayed, instead of the translated image.

WooCommerce products created in Divi Builder aren’t working

The entire product listing is being duplicated inside the description area of translated products.

Custom post types created in Divi Library don’t appear in WPML’s Translation Management

Because these post types aren’t showing up in Translation Management, content can’t be sent to translation services.

Unsynced content in Divi’s Global Modules can’t be translated

In Divi 4.0 you can insert a Global Module into posts and pages. These can sync design elements from the Divi Library. Any unique text you add to a Global Module isn’t appearing in WPML’s Translation Editor.

Divi Builder isn’t loading when using one domain per language

In WPML your translations can have a different domain for each language in WPML (for example, and The Divi Builder is only loading on the original language domain. It won’t load on your secondary language domains.

When a section is saved as a Global Module in Divi 4.0 the translations don’t appear

Divi 4.0’s Global Modules can be translated by WPML. When the Global Module is inserted into another page, it isn’t being populated automatically with the translated content.

Image URLs in Divi 4.0 image modules are not changing for different language domains

This happens if you use different domains for each language. The correct translated image appears when a Divi 4.0 image module is inserted. But the image URL is not updating to reflect the language’s domain.

WPML Sticky Links in Global Modules

If a Divi Global Module contains a WPML Sticky Link, it can’t be converted to a permalink.

UPDATE – 4th March, 2020

We have resolved most of the issues in this list in 4.3.7:

– The admin language is being translated, instead of displaying in the original language
– WooCommerce products created in Divi Builder aren’t working
– Custom post types created in Divi Library don’t appear in WPML’s Translation Management
– Unsynced content in Divi’s Global Modules can’t be translated
– When a section is saved as a Global Module in Divi 4.0 the translations don’t appear

We will update here again when there is more news.

33 Responses to “Update on Divi 4.0 and WPML Compatibility”

  1. Hello,
    I was told by WPML to post issues regarding the new theme and WPML here.
    So I had translated numerous pages from French to English and for the time being, none of them pop up on the site. For all of the pages it says “page not found”.

    Can you please help me ? I’ll report the issue to Divi aswell.

  2. Same here, all translated pages gives a 404 error. This is really extreme. The worst scenario that could happen -> just give my visitors and Google a 404 page.. great!

    • We don’t control the Divi changes. Now we’re working with Divi folks to handle things, but not everything is under our control. Have you tried reverting to the previous Divi version which was working for you with WPML?

      • Hi,

        Do you have any idea what caused the 404 page not found errors?
        I have just updated my test site to see how it goes and I don’t see this issue with:

        – Divi v4.0.5
        – WPML Multilingual CMS v4.3.3
        – WPML String Translation v3.0.3
        – WPML Translation Management v2.9.2

        I first updated Divi » didn’t see the issue
        Then updated WPML » also no issue

        So although I don’t see this issue on my test website, I am still a bit hesitant to update my live websites.


  3. Divi 4 issue with WPML (still with Divi 4.05)

    1) Translated languages section: images either dont appear even though option is ticked for them to be brought over to all translated sections. Some images appear and some dont.
    2) Image Library (WordPress) is not accessible meanwhile using translated section. Even though library is full of content in original language when changing to translated language a) library is empty and b) not possible to add any new images/videos to the library. Clearly a bug.
    3) When saving changes on translated areas via WPML at many occasions it does not save it and when restarting WordPress/Divi 4 next day then all changes are gone and old version is visible.



  4. Hi, any update on this issue(s). My comment is now nearyl 3 weeks ago and so far no update at all. At the moment the latest Divi version is 4.06 but as I can see the issues have not been addressed yet. Thanks

    • Hi Sebastian,

      I’m the compatibility team leader and I can ensure you that we are testing all the issues you mentioned in your comment above.
      The first one seems to be related to Media in general, not only to Divi. We are investigating the rest of them, you’ll get an update by this week. We are prioritizing the issues we see coming from support and affecting a high number of sites, please bear with us 🙂


      • Hi Marine and WPML Team,

        the new Divi 4.07 has been released but I could not see any fixes that relate to WPML and/or the issue I/we are encountering.

        Are you able to provide me with an update on status?



        • Hi Sebastian,

          It seems had 3 issues related to Media and String Translations.
          We fixed one issue with media (it wasn’t about Divi, it was with page builders in general). We are fixing the last one, it’s in progress.
          The issue regarding String Translation in page builders (sounds like your issue #3) has been fixed and should go out in 4.3.5.

          We are working on it, thank you for your patience. Marine

  5. Hi,
    Nothing can be done with the DIVI 4 Theme Builder to be able to translate it with WPML, the workaround you indicated is useless, at any time by changing the language the templates of a language overwrite the templates of the other languages. It’s terrible. All work done is lost. With all the time that has passed since the presentation of DIVI 4 it seems incredible that you have not solved all the problems. There is no progress. Amazing.

    • Hi Jose, can you please paste here your support ticket? It will help us to track the issue better, thank you.

    • Hi Jose, Amit here, I am the WPML support manager. I am sorry for this, we already are working on a fix for that, no need to report – we will release the fix as soon as we test and we will announce here when it’s done.

  6. Hello, please, and if is “ElegantThemes Divi 4.x.x” not fully compatible now.
    Is same situation with “ElegantThemes Extra 4.x.x” ???

    Maybe is answer on my question yes, right?
    Because both themes are very similiar, only with different that Extra contains more magazine function, but it’s on 99% same with divi.

    • Hi Michal, Extra is built with the Divi Builder so we expect to have similar compatibility issues, indeed.
      We are working hard on solving the issues left. Stay tuned, we’ll give an update soon.

  7. Any news about the Divi 4.0 and WPML + woocommerce compatibility? I need to finish a project before Christmas and now I afraid to install the translator on the site.
    Anyone here that try another translator plugin like polylang?

  8. Divi Menu Module Logo Link doesn’t translate to other languages, when choosing different language in Language Switcher. It returns to the Primary Language for the Image or Logo Link when it should go to the trnslated language link for the same page (HOME).

  9. Divi 4.0.9 was released on December 10th. WPML and Divi 4 still seems to be incompatible with WPML when using their new Theme Builder. Those elements are not translatable. Almost all of my customers want multi language pages and it’s really sad not to be able to use WPML and DIVI 4.

    Hope you get this to work before New Years Eve.

    ps. I live in a country with 2 official languages!

    • Next minor release will have theme builder support among other new features.
      We are working to get it out as soon as possible.

      • Very much looking forward to that. Thanx for the info and have a Great X-mas and a Bug Free New Year 2020! 🙂