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Today, we released ACFML 1.6.1. This version primarily addresses a fix for copying custom field values in the same post.

Fix for custom fields being replaced by a different string

After releasing version 1.6.0 we discovered that if you copy the custom field value to another field in the same post that you have translated, the copied value is replaced by malformed, JSON-like string. 

This happens after copying the value to another field and saving the default language post. If you navigate to the secondary editing page, you will not see the text of the custom field that you copied. Instead, you would see a string that looks similar to this:


Download and Update

You will receive this update automatically to all your registered sites. You can also download and install it manually from your WPML account.

Check our detailed guide that explains the process of building multilingual websites using Advanced Custom Fields and WPML.


If you need have any questions, leave your comments here, and we’ll get back to you.

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One Response to “ACFML 1.6.1 introduces a fix for copying custom field values in the same post”

  1. Hello, Konrad here, author of ACFML. First I want to apologize anyone affected by the issue for the bug. I am happy the new version is released.

    However, after updating to new version, if you still see malformed data in your fields, please use this snippet:

    please read all comments in the snippet, create database backup, add the snippet to functions.php and run it as described in the snippet’s comments

    If you have troubles with running or understanding how it must be run, please create a forum ticket, mention the url to this blog post and ask in the ticket to have this assigned to Konrad, I will help