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This week we released ACF 1.7.0. This release includes support for compound field types, the option to disable repeater field synchronization between translations, and more.

Option to disable repeater field synchronization

ACFML supports the ability to display translated repeater fields in the same shuffle order as the default language. With ACFML 1.7.0, you can disable this option if you prefer not to sync them.

Also included in this update:

  • Always set repeater and flexible fields’ translation preferences to Copy to ensure correct field handling during the translation.
  • Added support for compound field types used in ACF Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Various bug fixes

For the full list of changes, see the ACFML changelog.

Download and Update

You will receive this update automatically to all your registered sites. You can also download and install it manually from your WPML account.

Check our detailed guide that explains the process of building multilingual websites using Advanced Custom Fields and WPML.


If you have any questions, leave your comments here, and we’ll get back to you.

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10 Responses to “ACFML 1.7.0 adds the option to disable repeater field synchronization”

  1. Nice feature, but the checkbox to enable / disable the synchronization is randomly added on any metabox on the page. Would be great if it could be added on a separate metabox + have the option to not display the field. The checkbox is also added on any content type that does not contains a repeater field – which does not make sense.

    • Hi Julien,

      thank you for your review, I have created UX request in our bug tracking system (ticket id is ACFML-289, this is for internal issue tracking)

      About the last sentence: this should not be like that, checkbox should be displayed only when you use repeater or flexible field. If you don’t have any of them, this is a bug. Could you create a ticket on our forum for this?

  2. لدى موظفين فى الموقع من دوله قطر ومن جمهوريه مصر العربيه الموظفين فى جمهموريه مصر العربيه لا يتمكنون من عمل الترجمه …فضلا احتاج مساعدتكم فى اسرع وقت

  3. لا اعلم كم عدد الايام التى تحتاجونها لكى تردوا علينا ؟ ؟

  4. In version 1.7.1 when I update a custom field (any), all repeater fields on that page disappear. Repeater fields content gets deleted in all languages. This doesn’t happen in 1.6.1 though.

      • Hello Amit,
        soon after posting this, I found a few similar posts in your forum and pinned description and solution on top of those.
        I’ve updated to 1.7.3 then and yes it solved my problem.

        This was a rather big issue for us that caused the loss of content on a few sites. It took me a while to find the cause and eventually a solution because I was looking into ACF at first.

        • Hi Ivan – I’m glad to hear 1.7.3 solved the problem. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback on this.