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Our latest updates to WPML form plugins deliver a range of improvements and bug fixes, along with support for the upcoming WPML 4.7 release. Get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s on the horizon!

What’s New?

In this update, we’ve made across-the-board improvements to the following plugins:

Gravity Forms Multilingual

See the changelog for v. 1.8.0

Contact Form 7 Multilingual

See the changelog for v. 1.3.0

Ninja Forms Multilingual

See the changelog for v. 0.4.0

WPForms Multilingual

See the changelog for v. 0.4.0

With the latest improvements, your forms are now easier to manage and translate. Updates include better display of conditional fields, fixes to placeholders, and translation support for sub-labels in Name fields. 

These updates are also special because they bring support for exciting new features in our next major WPML version, WPML 4.7.

What to Expect in WPML 4.7

Once we release WPML 4.7, you’ll be able to translate your forms using automatic translation. Soon, you’ll just hit the start button and relax as WPML translates everything in the background for you.

WPML 4.7 will also include the redesigned and improved Advanced Translation Editor, making translating forms easier and more efficient. The new editor features beautifully grouped form fields for a more intuitive translation process. 

Take a look at the example below to see how the updated Advanced Translation Editor categorizes a Ninja Form into sections such as Setting, E-mail, and Field Block. This makes it much easier to know what you’re translating.

Translating a form in the upcoming redesigned and improved Advanced Translation Editor

And that’s just the beginning. WPML 4.7 will come packed with exciting features to enhance your form translations and overall multilingual experience. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the release!

Update Now and Get Set for WPML 4.7

Update your form glue plugin as soon as the new versions become available to you. Take advantage of these new enhancements and prepare for WPML 4.7.

Have any thoughts or questions you’d like to share? We’re all ears in the comment section below!

18 Responses to “Exciting Updates for All WPML Form Plugins”

    • Hi Guylaine,
      WPML 4.7 is still in development. I’ve checked with our development team, and while they are investigating and running compatibility checks, there are no definite plans yet.

  1. The wpforms update caused a fatal error on our site:

    PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class “WPML\Forms\Hooks\WpForms\EntryEdit” not found in /path/wp-content/plugins/wpml-wpforms/classes/Loader/WpForms.php:72
    Stack trace:
    #0 /path/wp-content/plugins/wpml-wpforms/vendor/wpml/forms/classes/Loader/Base.php(29): WPML\Forms\Loader\WpForms->addHooks()
    #1 /path/wp-content/plugins/wpml-wpforms/vendor/wpml/forms/classes/Forms.php(93): WPML\Forms\Loader\Base->load()
    #2 /path/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(324): WPML\Forms->init()
    #3 /path/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(348): WP_Hook->apply_filters()
    #4 /path/wp-includes/plugin.php(517): WP_Hook->do_action()
    #5 /path/wp-settings.php(695): do_action()
    #6 /path/wp-config.php(112): require_once(‘…’)
    #7 /path/wp-load.php(50): require_once(‘…’)
    #8 /va” while reading response header from upstream, client: IP, server:, request: “GET /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=cpt-name&lang=de&admin_bar=1&referer=ate HTTP/2.0”, upstream:

    Triggered when editing in the admin.

    use WPML\Forms\Hooks\WpForms\EntryEdit;

    This class does not exist in the current latest release of the main plugin.

    • Hi @robertW-14,

      Sorry for that.
      I’ve re-checked our downloadable package right now and I can see the supposedly missing file.
      Could you please try to download again the WPML WPForms addon from the download section and then re-install the addon manually on your site?
      If the problem persists, could you please open a ticket on our support forum? It will be easier to troubleshoot.


  2. Hi Pierre,

    I made no mention of a missing file.
    The fatal error was caused by a missing class.

    I did download the package from your site as the site showed no update available.

    I’ll give it another go as the error may have been triggered whilst updating.

    Do you happen to know what the errors with PHP 8 were that were fixed in this version?

    • @robertW-14,

      My answer was incomplete, I’ve also checked that the class file is in the autoloader map.

      We also did some extra checks by updating the addon through the WPML’s installer or manually, and we did not manage to reproduce the issue.

      Concerning PHP 8, we’ve fixed a fatal error related to the WPForms Form Abandonment addon.

  3. Hi, after a first translation from French to English. I added some new content in my web site and some new page in French. But the translation from wpml of the new content is not automatic. The new words didn’t change in translated page. Even click in the settings. Pls help

  4. Thank Kathy for your response! I need to upgrade all my customers to PHP 8… and WPML is not yet compatible. It create critical issues. This is a major concern for us as I may need to use another translation plugin for my customer. So I would be nice to have an idea when it will be ready. Thanks

    • Hi Guylaine,
      Thanks for your detailed response. I spoke to our WPML development team again, and I can confirm that the current version of WPML is already compatible with PHP 8 and PHP 8.1. With PHP 8.2, we’ve gotten some reports about deprecation notices, but none creating critical issues. If you haven’t already, can you please open a ticket in our Support forum that further explains the critical issues you mentioned?

    • Hi Diego,
      We release WPML (and all add-on plugin) updates gradually.The update becomes visible to everyone on the Plugins page only when we’ve released it to 100% of the sites. If you want the update before then, you can go to the Commercial tab in Plugins → Add New Plugin and click on Check for updates. You can also get the latest plugin version from the Downloads section of your account.

  5. Hi there, you’r talking about WPML 4.7 since more than 8 months… When can we expect to be able to test this version 4.7?

    • Hi Benoit,

      All the features going into WPML 4.7 are ready, and we’re now deep testing and polishing it. We’re aiming to release WPML 4.7 sometime after the summer.
      In the meantime, we’ll be releasing an exciting update with a new feature in the next week or two, and a second one a couple of weeks after that. Stay tuned for all the details!

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