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Type of work:

Add new features, Build a new site, Develop the functionality of the site, Give detailed consulting about a potential project, Help me develop something, Help writing content, Integrate with an external system, SEO, Troubleshoot and fix problems, Update or fix an existing site, Visual design

Project size:
  • Small Business
  • Agency/Enterprise

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

Brochure, Directory, E-commerce, Education, Membership

Favorite WordPress themes:

Custom Theme, Divi

Project budget:

Minimum budget is 2000 USD

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We’re a Web Development Agency based out of Montreal, Canada and offer a diverse array of skills to meet the most complex projects.

At S2B Solution, we are a team proficient in front-end, backend, design, and maintenance. We can build your next website, help you complete that project you thought would be simpler, as well as maintain and evolve your current website.

Our team has used WPML (and Toolset, as well as all major commercial plugin, such as Beaver Builder and WooCommerce) in most of our projects, as we operate in a province where all websites must be bilingual by law. We have built or added multilingual capabilities to sites of any size simple corporate presence, online directories, and e-commerce.

We have used as many as four languages on a single project, and supplement plugins translations using POEdit Pro (and give back translations to the community through our Github profile).

We pride ourselves on future-proofing any work we do by following all WordPress coding standards, as well as providing documentation for our clients.

We look forward to helping you solve problem!

ps. Nous parlons naturellement parfaitement le français, et pouvons également travailler avec d’autres langues au besoin.

WPML user since: February, 2011

Contractor since: January, 2018