ToolsetToolset makes it easy to add custom types, fields and taxonomy to any WordPress site, running any theme. With Toolset, you will add custom types to the WordPress admin and display them on the front-end, without writing any PHP.

Using custom types and fields, you can develop rich sites that are simple to maintain. While it’s relatively easy to add custom types to the WordPress admin, displaying them on the front-end can take a lot of work.

Toolset makes this painless, by allowing you to display custom content on the front-end, without writing a single line of PHP.

You will be able to design:

  • Templates for single-item pages
  • Archive pages (critically important for your site’s SEO)
  • Custom lists of content, anywhere in the site

Toolset clients use it to build brochure sites, magazines, e-commerce sites, classifieds, membership sites and more.

There is no way to tell that a site is built with Toolset, because Toolset makes it easy for you to apply your style. It produces clean and simple HTML, which you can easily style with CSS.

Naturally, Toolset is completely compatible with WPML. Visit Toolset documentation to learn more about using WPML to translate sites built with Toolset.

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