Originally written
February 12, 2014
April 25, 2019

WPML defines custom capabilities, which allow you to grant access to its admin screens, for different users and roles. Custom capabilities support is available in WPML 3.1 and above.

By controlling these capabilities for different roles, you can define unique users types, which can manage your translation process, without needing to be site administrators.

WPML Custom Capabilities

Capability nameDescriptionWhat it controls
wpml_manage_translation_managementEnable Translation Dashboard, Translators manager, Translation Jobs, Multilingual Content Setup, Translation Notifications. Enables also the Translations queue page, which is enabled anyway for users configured as translators.Translation Management, Translations queue
wpml_manage_languagesEnable the languages settings pages Languages
wpml_manage_translation_optionsWhen Translation Management is not active, it enables translation options (e.g. Posts and pages synchronization, Custom posts slug translation options, etc.)Translation options
wpml_manage_troubleshootingEnable the Troubleshooting section Troubleshooting
wpml_manage_taxonomy_translationEnable the Taxonomy Translation pageTaxonomy Translation
wpml_manage_wp_menus_syncEnable the Menu Synchronization pageMenu sync
wpml_manage_translation_analyticsEnable the Translation Analytics pageTranslation Analytics
wpml_manage_string_translationEnable the String Translation pageString Translation
wpml_manage_sticky_linksEnable the Sticky Links pageSticky Links
wpml_manage_navigationEnable CMS Nav settings pageNavigation
wpml_manage_theme_and_plugin_localizationEnable the Theme and plugins localization pageTheme and plugins localization
wpml_manage_media_translationEnable the Media Translation settings pageMedia Translation
wpml_manage_supportEnable the support sectionSupport
wpml_manage_woocommerce_multilingualEverything on WooCommerce Multilingual, including the settings pageWooCommerce Multilingual
wpml_operate_woocommerce_multilingualEverything on WooCommerce Multilingual, except the settings pageWooCommerce Multilingual, w/o settings

Granting WPML Capabilities to Users

WPML defines the capabilities and adds them to admins, but you will need an access management plugin to assign them to non-admin users.

There are several free access management plugins, which you can use.

Our own plugins for custom roles and permissions is called Access, which is part of the Toolset package. Access lets you set up custom roles and grant them capabilities. Using Access, you will be able to define your own custom roles and implement complex editorial workflows.