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Reported for: Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 2.0.4

Resolved in: Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 2.1.0

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

Advanced Custom Fields 6.1 introduced the ability to register custom post types and custom taxonomies. However, WPML currently does not support translating the labels associated with them.


WPML is working on a solution to support these new features in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

27 Responses to “Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) 6.1 - Labels for custom post types and custom taxonomies not translatable yet”

  1. Hello,

    Is there a workaround to translate at least ACF CPT Plural and SIngular labels?
    I guess i could export the ACF CPT/CT PHP and manage then manually instead of using ACF, but it’s a bit of a pity.

    And do you have an idea of when ACFML will be updated to handle ACF CPT/CT labels?

    Thanks for the info.

    • Hey there,
      Unfortunately, we don’t have a workaround at the moment. We will keep this erratum updated once there is a new release or a temporary solution available.

  2. Here’s a (poor) JS workaround to translate ACF CPT Labels displayed in a breadcrumb here, from FR to EN:

    $('html[lang="en-US"] .breadcrumb-item span:contains("Équipes")').html('Teams');
    $('html[lang="en-US"] .breadcrumb-item span:contains("Bureaux")').html('Offices');
    $('html[lang="en-US"] .breadcrumb-item span:contains("Actualités")').html('News');
    $('html[lang="en-US"] .breadcrumb-item span:contains("Recrutement")').html('Careers');

    Pitiful but it does the trick, awaiting for WPML to update ACFML.

    • Thank you for sharing this temporary solution Emmanuel. It worked well for me (my issue was with Yoast breadcrumbs in languages other than English).

  3. Hi there,

    Any news on ACFML unable to translate ACF CPT/CT labels please?
    This issue appeared in April 2023 with ACF 6.1, is it fixed now?


    • Hello there,
      This issue is in our devs road map. We will keep this erratum updated as soon as we have any news.
      Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Thanks for your answer and sorry to say that but it looks like a copy-paste of the one from 6 months ago!
    6 months + to fix a little but annoying issue on such a popular plugin as ACF? 😉

  5. Sorry, do you mean there’s no use to claim for a fix as a user (after 6 months) and it just “totally” depends on the devs road map… who apparently don’t care that much about ACF users?

    • Hello @emmanuelS-7,

      I checked the ticket in our development queue and apparently the solution is not that simple and requires a specific integration. Additionally, we had other urgent tickets that needed to be prioritized, which is why the implementation was not completed yet.

      I have asked our team to increase the priority of this ticket. But I can’t give you a deadline as it depends on the status of the development queue.

    • Hi there,

      Our team has implemented this feature and the plan is to release this fix in the next update, in the coming weeks.

  6. Hi Diego

    I understand that you have priorities and that is not so simple, but we are paying to get functional plugin without issues. It would be ok if we are not waiting for fix since May 2023.

      • Can you give me some workaround for ACF and Elementor, I sent you guys login details and you saw what is going on. I have to relase website and only one breadcrumb is creating issues

        Thanks, Reuf

        • Hello Reuf,
          If you have already opened a ticket in our forum and shared your login details, I recommend you to continue there. This is just an errata page and we don’t have the required tools to access your website or help you as you need.
          Thank you for your understanding.

  7. Really, Still this issue not solved????
    This is a stupid issue, How can’t I translate “Labels” of the post type???????

    • Hello Ahmed,

      The issue is fixed in our development version. We plan to release this fix in the next update in the coming weeks.

  8. Hi WPML-Support-Team,

    any release date? We nearly finished the relaunch of our international company websites and now we are stuck with this problem and I am afraid, that this bug will delay our whole relaunch.

    Working with WPML and DIVI has often challenged my creativity and patience and required some workarounds, but in the end we have always found a workable solution.
    In case we have to wait another few weeks for the official fix, do you have a workaround for this?

    On this page

    You promised
    “Simple and intuitive translation options for everything you create with ACF”

    I assumed that “everything” also includes taxonomies. In the meantime, we have heaps of taxonomies linked to hundreds of posts, pages and custom post types. I can’t simply delete the existing taxonomies and create them manually in the child theme or via CPTUI.

    I would appreciate a quick solution.

    Many thanks,

    • Hello Ekko,
      We can’t provide you an exact date, however the issue is fixed in our development version. We plan to release this fix in the next update in the coming weeks.
      I’ll update this link once I have any news.

  9. BTW: A beta release would also be okay for me. Then I could at least create and assign all German taxonomies on the dev server before our relaunch.

  10. Hello everyone,
    Just to let you know that this issue should have been solved with Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 2.1.0.