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If you have custom meta added to a taxonomy, you will not be able to translate that meta in the classic translation editor(CTE) or in xliff file or in Advanced Translation Editor (ATE).
This is a feature that we still have not implemented.


At the current time, if you add a custom meta to a taxonomy, it can be only translated either via going to the taxonomy in the second language and changing the meta there, or by using WPML > Taxonomy Translation

8 Responses to “Custom meta and some WordPress default taxonomy term can be translated only via manual editing or taxonomy translation”

  1. I’ve been having this exact same problem on some client sites for a while now. Read the previous support tickets and have followed the advice but its a real pain and not an ideal solution, so hopefully you guys can jump on this one soon.

    • Hi John, I am sorry about that, we are aware of this issue, it’s on our development board and is being worked on, it is not such a trivial fix and will be released in one of our next major releases, I don’t have an ETA but I can assure you it’s not forgotten.

  2. This will be a most welcome feature as soon as it is ready. Most of the WPML/WooCommerce sites I help with have some kind of meta in the taxonomy so this feature is super important. Looking forward to it.

    • Yes, and I have some good news, this is already in testing and will be released after we guarantee we did not break anything by adding it.

  3. Hi,
    I have another problem : all the new recordind in the custom taxonomy do not appear in WML–> translate taxonomies.
    I have created a record in the language (fr), it’s ok : it show in the list of record from the custom category, but it does not appear in the menu “WPML”–> “Translate Taxonomy” –> list. I can translate only the records already created.
    It’s very disturbing…
    Can you help me ?

    • Please report that in our support forum, in order to be able to help you we need to ask for some details and have access to your website which can easily be done through the support forum.

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