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Overview of the issue

When using Dokan Pro with WPML, you may find some strings that are not translatable. If you search for these strings in WPMLString Translation, they are not available for translation.


We found a workaround for some strings, such as the strings from the and pages:

  1. Open the wp-content/plugins/dokan-pro/languages/dokan.php file.
  2. Add the missing strings to that list. For example:
    __( 'Zone Name', 'dokan' ),
    __( 'Region(s)', 'dokan' ),
    __( 'Shipping Method', 'dokan' ),
  3. Go to WPMLTheme and Plugins Localization and scan the Dokan Pro plugin for the new strings.
  4. Translate the strings at WPMLString Translation.

Please note: this workaround may not work for all strings. For other types of strings, we recommend contacting the plugin author to solve the issue.

Next steps to resolve this issue

We are currently working with the Dokan team to establish full compatibility with WPML. If you would like to help us push this fix forward, please leave the developer a message via this contact form.

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